10 Objects that can Stop Being Used Here 50 Years

Time goes by very fast, and a snap of fingers are gone 50 years. Objects that before we used frequently, today, have lost their functions, giving rise to new methods and technology. For example: you remember the tape deck? Or still use daily the landline of your House?

Check out a list of X things you probably won’t use more in 2066.

1. Landline or wired

Nowadays it is difficult to find anyone who still use daily the landline, not to mention those who have.With the success of mobile phones, that old means of communication became obsolete, due to the fact we don’t have to be sitting to call and talk to someone.

2. Keys

You might be wondering how will home will link the car or opens any type of door. Many real estate companies and automobile are already manufacturing their products with digital and key-card reader instead of locks. The change will not be of 1 hour to another, but is common to evaluate the keys as a rare accessory.

3. Flash drive

Who would have thought an object that has so little time would be turning into something less usual?The pendrive came to replace the MiniDiscs, and, now, is also being set aside to give way to storage in the “cloud”. Information archiving virtually brings up the end of physical memory.

4. Papers

The generation of the years 90 no longer has the same customs of their parents or grandparents. This is why it is very difficult to find a young man who still buy and read newspapers. The internet came with everything and managed to turn the means of distribution of news and the print media, forcing some platforms to expand into the digital field and online media.

5. Seals

In addition to the stamps, the very act of sending letters or personal orders are no longer unusual and common in our daily lives. Once again the internet is to blame, with your contacts via digital and emails. The small role that was previously seen as collectors, in 50 years, probably will only have this function.

6. Camera

Not that the cameras are going to disappear in the near future, but that your manufacture and consumption will become well reduced. Next-generation cellphones feature powerful lenses, registering moments in high quality. And if you’re a fan of technology, know that the Sony, Googleand Samsung are developing a lens that will allow record moments with just a wink.

7. Business cards

I bet you’ve received one of these from any person or shop while passing on the street or during a business conversation. The business card packed wallet of many people, once contained the email, phone and full name of the person or company. And as always, the internet has given order to your functionality, in addition to platforms like LinkedIn, which displays all the data professionals who are registered.

8. Plastic bags

We all know that plastic bags are detrimental to nature, taking years to break down. But in the last decade, this product was really used by Brazilian, especially in markets, gained a new scenario. With the approval of the Government of laws that prohibit the distribution, your other means greener won strength, as the reusable bags.

9. Stick

For those who drive for years with a stick is hard to get used to an Automatic. Now, imagine a vehicle that you drive by you! Yes, this is the reality in which we live here for some time, but for now, Let’s settle for the cars that we already have on the market.

10. Compact Lamps, incandescent and fluorescent

The incandescent and compact are toxic to the environment, and the fluorescent is not as efficient. So, to meet the need for a quality product, here’s that are created the LED lamps for home lighting. Less harmful and more energy efficient, they are dominating the market and so continued.