10 Reasons to Adopt (rather than buy) a Pet

With the high temperatures, see the pets with the mouth open, gasping, in search of shade and fresh water is something. ” How not to sweat, the heat exchange by pets mouth and have greater difficulty to maintain body temperature. Therefore, people should be aware of the special care that the summer requires, “the vet Camila Lozano.


The number of cases of hyperthermia (when increases body temperature) is typically grow this time of year, and the obese pets and the braquicefálicos (with short snout, like the English bulldog and French breeds, pug, shih tzu, lhasa apso) are the most affected. Among the symptoms are fever, severe dehydration, lack of appetite, vomiting, fainting and seizures. Check below 6 veterinary tips Camila Lozano:

1 – avoid burns

Take the pets to wander into alternate hours during the summer, because the ground can burn paws.It is ideal before or after 10:00 4:00 pm, when the floor of the sidewalks and streets is no longer so hot and the Sun is weaker. The bubble-shaped injury, cracks and sores can get infected, in addition to causing pain.

2 – Maintain hydration

Change frequently the water of the Bowl, so it is always fresh and available, and encourage the pet to drink more times a day. In tours or longer trips, don’t forget to offer water. In the case of travel, keep the car and make stops to pet cooling off. With only 10% loss of body fluids, they can already be dehydrated.

3 – be careful with skin cancer

The puppies that are in backyards, exposed for too long in the Sun, can develop skin cancer. The most affected are the coat and skin more clear, like the pitbull, white Maltese, whippet, American staffordshire terrier and boxer white. Redness in the skin and sores that do not heal (solar dermatitis) are some of the symptoms. It is therefore important to use sunscreen on the face, ears and belly ends.




Sports and physical exercises should be done always in heat times milder, like early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If the pet is starting, it’s good to do a check-up with a veterinarian to rule out problems cardiorespiratory and orthopedic. The races or hiking outdoors must be made of quiet way, so that the moment is a pleasure for the tutor and your pet. If he likes to swim, as in the case of the labrador and golden retrievers, care must be taken with the ears and with the dry well and removing any residue of chlorine or salt water.

5-Sombra e água fresca

For pets that get a lot of time alone in the backyard or on a balcony, it is important to keep a cool place, where you don’t hit Sun, so they can protect themselves from the heat and the summer rains.The ideal is to have shadow options for shelter, far from the Sun’s rays, in addition to a tiled floor (like the bathroom and kitchen), to lie down spread, help lower the temperature and facilitate exchanges of heat.

6 – Against allergy crisis

The insect bite hypersensitivity is the most common cause of allergies in dogs. So, step up precautions against insect bites, fleas and ticks, because the high temperatures form an ideal environment for the proliferation of them. Ask the vet guidance to use the most appropriate products for your pet.