6 Tips to Keep Your Pet’s Place Clean

You do not give up having your pet around, but the house is getting a mess? Calm down, check out these cleaning tips that we’ve separated for you and solve your problem!

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet’s Place Clean

They are the best company in the world and deserve all the attention and affection. However, indoors, the situation may get out of control, especially when it comes to cleaning. After all, it happens that your pet still does not hit the place to pee, have a lot of toys spread and clear, drooling and scattered throughout the house.

But cool, you do not have to be neurotic about cleaning or despair: we’ve put together 6 cleaning tips to always clean your house without having to give up your best friend’s company.

1 – Strong smell in pee’s corner? Calm down, there’s a way.

Remove excess urine with a cloth or a mop. Let it dry thoroughly, pass some white vinegar and sprinkle with a handful of corn starch. Leave on for 4 hours, then remove with a cloth or vacuum cleaner.

2 – Hairs, hairs and more – why have them?

If your pet is not a Mexican Peeled (Xolotlzcuintle), give up: sofas, chairs and rugs will be full of hairs, there is no way.
Of course, if you keep it well-heeled and clean, the amount of drooping hair will be less. So in that case, only those stickers to get rid of already solves the situation of the upholstery and clothes.

Now, if your pet is such a hairy one and you live with a broom in your hand to collect everything quickly, attention! Sweeping only helps spread the house more, as it often flies off and we do not even notice. In that case it is best to aspire.

But if the focus is on the carpet or carpets, here are two incredible tips and easy to do: for the carpet, the cleaning tip for animals is to use those sinks, which when passing through the fabric, join a bun of hair without headache. Another idea is to use rubber gloves, which in addition to helping to clean the corner of your animal and furniture, even serves to take the loose of the animal itself. It’s practical and your pet will still feel like you’re making a nice fuss.

3 – Cover sofas and armchairs

Another way of looking to keep the hairs away from the furniture is covering armchairs, sofas, chairs and poufs with a thick fabric that does not grab too much hair. It may be twill or denim, for example. Cover with blankets and replace with others only when you wash them

4 – Toys, bowls and utensils

Every self-respecting friend has his arsenal of toys, like balls, bones, and other distractions. These items should be washed weekly, as well as the walk on which he sleeps. Preferably, let them dry in the sun, thus ensuring that both the house and the toys are cleaned and sanitized.

The water and feed bowls should be cleaned daily. Use a brush to clean the hardest residue well.

5 – Avoid that smell you no longer feel

The daily coexistence makes us get used to the smell of our friends, but believe me, it is there. It gets impregnated in things, in the tissues, and whoever comes in from outside surely feels that characteristic odor in the air.

But calm, no panic, it is possible to control the smell of the corner with a simple cleaning tip: do not rub the area, let it dry. Then wipe with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent and vinegar.

Already to take the smell of the animals of the sofas, make a mixture of water, alcohol, bicarbonate, white vinegar and softener, in that order. Mix well and put in a spray bottle. Now just apply on the sofa or furniture and let it dry.

If you have a garden and he is always with that annoying smell, plant aromatic herbs and flowers, such as mint and manacá. In addition to lending a luscious odor to the house, they also help to decorate the environment.

6 – Tip to clean my dog’s space

When cleaning your pet’s corner, start by vacuuming your pet or the house. If washing, use neutral liquid detergent or coconut soap (in bar or liquid).

To disinfect, the specific veterinary products for this type of cleaning are the best options. Always prefer natural products or even homemade mixes and apply weekly during heavier cleaning, interspersing with daily care.

For the yard, the tip is quite simple: fill a bucket with 2/3 of warm water and 1/3 of white vinegar. Throw it all over and let it dry naturally.

To have the company of our pets without giving up a smelling and clean house, it’s worth every effort and tip! So if you liked our tips on how to clean your pet’s corner or have your own cleaning methods, tell us here! After all, good tip is never too much, is it?