A Dog Needs to Hunt For His Food.

We humans have learned from small to “not play with food” , but is this the best suggestion for dogs?

Puppies have a genetic inheritance that prepares them to spend several hours of the day in search of food. In the world unprotected by humans, it is often not even enough to “find” it, you have to fight for it, hunt for it, and spend a lot of energy in this process.In fact, it’s precisely this great energy expenditure that helps keep the hairy, calmer, tired and satisfied during hours when there is not much to do, not to mention the physical part that helps fight obesity.

But how can we help our canines keep part of this healthy routine, without it having to hunt the neighbor’s cat, or, for lack better than to do, spend long hours gnawing on our furniture, shoes, cars, remote controls, cell phones, door knockers, barking, digging, howling, jumping on people, hellish ??????

The trick is to put this rascal to work for something that is important to him, whenever possible, without causing stress, anxiety, or frustration on the beast.Thus, he uses mind and body to deal with a useful task, and preferably ends with a great reward.

There are some toys that focus especially on the food factor as a reward. Here we present the Tug-a-Jug and the Kibble Nibble , which offer a task that stimulates the 5 senses of your dog and will leave you very busy for several minutes in a row.

The Tug-a-Jug is a toy that brings stiff textures – such as its body that is made of a special plastic, a malleable one – like the rubber neck with stud tips, and a totally flexible one – like the cotton rope that is part inside and part out of the bottle.

The Kibble Nibble is shaped like an egg that causes it to have irregular movements and the two openings , one at each end, release the grains of ration or snacks gradually.To prevent the toy from ruining furniture and walls when the furry rolls around the house, the manufacturer has put a rubber protective “grille” all around it.


  • Uses the dog’s 5 senses:
    – VISION:which is stimulated by the fact that the bottle is transparent, so the bichon can see the hotties inside it.
    – FARO:because besides the smell of snacks or ration leave the bottleneck of the bottle, the bottom of Tug-a-Jug has several holes that allow the aroma to pass easily. Kibble Nibble also lets the scent of food toss the muzzle of your furry in the nicest way possible.
    – HEARING:that leaves the dog much more connected in the toy when he hears the special sound of rattle of the edible small pieces rolling to and fro.
    – TATO:the furry will love to feel the different textures of Tug-a-Jug and Kibble Nibble as he tries to pick up the snacks, as well as using his paws enough to turn, turn, and hold the toy.
    – THE PALATE:ah the palate!!!! Simply put a variety of little pieces of canine tastes inside the Food Hunt, or even the grain of ration to turn everything into a party.
    • Stimulate the mind, as your dog will try to figure out the best way to get the food:Turn Tug-a-Jug   upside down? Hold tight with your paws and try to hunt a few grains with your tongue? Rolling the Tug-a-Jug   on the floor Shaking and pounding? Pulling by the rope??? Likewise, Kibble Nibble creates challenges with its erratic way of releasing grain feed, and it is not always a simple spin that will make the job easy.
    • Stimulate the body:just have a look at the Busy Buddy movies on the internet to see how the animals work hard and have fun as they work to get their rewards.
    • The mouth of Tug-a-Jug   has a special rubber that prevents the hairy from hurting the gums and teeth in the most vulnerable part of the bottle. The Kibble Nibble has a rubber protection around it that in addition to saving furniture and walls from harsher encounters, helps the furry to hold and transport the toy to some place he wants to stay.
    • The Tug-a-Jug Rope   can be replaced easily.
    • The screw-in system for opening toys makes it much easier to tidy up and clean.
  • Ability to put a large portion of ration, so you can put a whole meal , or several snacks to play for a long time.
    • It is very resistant.
    • The Tug-a-Jug and Kibble Nibble are made of non-toxic plastic , and are the same used in bulletproof glasses.
    • You can use various snacks.
    • It takes longer to get the snacks and the dog gets involved in the activity for longer .
    • Fun for the dog and for you as well.


  • Be alert if your dog does not hold Tug-a-Jug by the rope and twisting or shaking it violently. In this case there is a risk of the dog getting hurt, someone carrying a bottle in the cinnamon, or that vase so dear to end up in shards.
    • Be aware also that Tug-a-Jugand Kibble Nibble are made of a very hard plastic, and will most likely make noise and disturb the downstairs neighbor when the dog is playing.Better play in the backyard of the house or on top of a big rug.


»If this becomes your dog’s favorite toy, use it especially at special times when you need to leave the animal distracted.

»Avoid leaving the Tug-a-Jug   or the Kibble Nibble always loose on the floor, especially if it is empty.

»If your dog is one of those who cries and craves food, try using Tug-a-Jug   or the Kibble Nibble when your family will sit at the table.

»Use Tug-a-Jug with tasty snacks when visitors arrive to keep your dog from jumping or disturbing people.

»If your furry does not eat, but” swallows “the whole food in a few bites, feed it using the Kibble Nibble , or even the Tug-a-Jug   .

»Vary the difficulty level of the game depending on your dog’s mood and malice:

– smaller pieces of ration or snacks are easier to remove; larger pieces are more difficult

– Leaving the full of ration facilitates the dog to be rewarded; or Tug-a-Jug   more empty means more work;

“Take off the cord to make things easier;

– Put some balls (ping pong, golf, or miniature tennis ball) inside the Tug-a-Jug   or the Kibble Nibble , along with the snacks, so the joke will really appeal to the experts. The balls will move back and forth, eventually blocking the exit of the snacks, and giving an extra little thing for your furry to sort out.

»If the dog gnaws the rope you can easily replace it with a rope bone, or even leave it without the rope and start using larger pieces of biscuit.

»The Tug-a-Jug   is more suitable for more persistent and stubborn dogs. Kibble Nibble is best suited for dogs who give up chasing food if the challenge is too great.

Watch your dog joking. Besides being very fun it is important to interact with the furry, and safer if we observe the initial behavior of the dog with a new toy.

»If you are going to snack, instead of the portion of ration, do not forget to compensate at the time of the food to avoid obeses.

»Remove any toy that is dropping pieces, parts, or that has dangerous tips.