A Virtual Hotel, The Original Proposal to Present The New Collections of Rue Vintage 74

When I saw the images of Hotel concept, has given me much grief that is only a virtual hotel and that not I can stay on it on my next trip, because it is so beautiful. Rue Vintage 74 has chosen this original presentation for their new collections. They have created nine rooms, bathroom, bar, lobby and everything we like to browse in a hotel with their decorative proposals.

The rooms are all different and there are styles and colors for all tastes. To my there are several that I love, although all of them already have a background story in its inspiration and a host to which they belong. I think the best will be to see them all so that you choose in that imaginary room you would like to stay.

TROPIC MOOD ROOM It is the room of Carlos, owner of a cocktail bar in Lisbon and does not conceive life without color. Your room exudes joy and optimism.

BLACK DIAMOND ROOM It is Mauricio, broker who spends life between numbers. Your room is a space open to the quiet, an extension of its pure elegance.

MARTINIQUE PINK ROOM for Danielle, who runs a surf school in Northern Martinique. Your room is your extension of the Caribbean breeze when not one of my favorite feels close.
ROOM UNDER THE SEA It is the fourth of Luisa, dancer who grew up in Cartagena de Indias and moved to New York, only with the beginning of the day light rises a return to its origins.

ROOM WHITE HEAVEN for Alexander, who like to wake up with every morning light. A moment in which does not attend at the time and remember his native Stockholm.
ROOM THE PLACE TO BE, one of the most enchanting, is for Hubert & Ines who met in the old Bank of Williamsbourg this Christmas, he is chef and her songwriter. Their disparate routines make that only the sunsets and sunrises again to melt his ways.

ROOM PETIT PALAIS the proposal of Anne which is a ballet teacher. their dreams are so loaded with energy and balance, conceives his break time.

ROOM BOOM MARSALA fashion color, it is Aida who loves a good red wine more than anything in the world. His escapades in Bordeaux make it disconnect from everything and enjoy the small pleasures of life.
And we ended up with ROOM GAMBETTA, the room of Elios, which has a small antiques shop in Rue Gambetta of San Juan de Luz, your haven of peace lies in this room where is inspired in his novels.

In other spaces, in addition to the bedrooms, we have THE LOBBY to Paolo and Tiziana who likes silence. They spend hundreds of hours watching eyes uncrossed a Word. They are two solos in the perfect place.

THE TOILET, inspired on Sunday mornings which take place in calm for Juliet. A bathroom repair, time for her, an unrepeatable moment once again.
And finally THE BAR where are the laughs the soundtrack for the evening. An animated conversation is the best excuse to forget about the complications and let yourself go.

I want to sleep in Room The Place to Be, after a drink in good company at the bar of the photo on these lines, I have it clear! And you, what you ask?