Apple Will Qualify as Vintage and Obsolete Some of Its Products, Including The Cinema Display

9to5Mac cargo, today revealed a document in which Apple reported a series of products that will be classified as vintage or obsolete on September 8. Seeing the list we could think that it falls within normal. To see others, the idea is that there will be movement.

Apple TV (original), Apple Cinema Display and LED Cinema Display are some of those who will become vintage and that makes us think that they will be replaced with new updates, unless the screens that could become screens retinas.

If my prediction is true, the monitors would be upgraded and would be interesting and very welcome news. Firstly because the current Apple LED Cinema Display now has long been a very interesting product and its five weigh. It is true, it is a good screen, attractive design and connections but a exorbitant price: €1149.

Apple changed the connector to manage such screen because the Display Port 1.3 specification was not ready

A renewal is more than necessary, especially seeing that the iMac 5K integrates a panel of identical diagonal but higher resolution. So, now that should get the Mac Intel Skylake-processor, the option of managing such a resolution is more feasible. And without any extraneous casual as the iMac, using a driver and a modified connection to make use of a 5K panel since the DisplayPort 1.3 specification was not ready at the time of its release – something that we also deprive the target display – mode.

Moreover, another factor that determines the most possible update for the month of September is that manufacturers such as Philips will launch screens 5K during IFA. So if we don’t have a new screen in the coming months I feel rather disappointed. Fortunately LG, Dell and other manufacturers have very attractive displays.