Are You Having a Problem? 5 Power Baths to Protect and Renew Hope

Who does not face any difficulty or problem in everyday life that cast the first stone.And then there’s days that the discouragement comes and hits hard. But, stay positive and believe that everything will be all right are attitudes that can help. Check out 5 power baths to protect and renew hope.



Boil three liters of water and add three sheets of Guinea, three yellow roses, six branches of Ahmadi and a sword-San jorge. Wait let them cool completely, strain and make your energy bath. While playing the mixture on your body, from the neck down, think of moments of peace and security. Play what’s left of the bath in the trash. Wash your hands thoroughly and the objects used in sympathy.


Before meeting with the beloved, take a bath to cleanse himself and become a woman even more appealing. Decrease the ambient lighting and add a cup (coffee) of salt to the water from your shower. While bathing, take a deep breath and make the following statement: “I may have lost my way, but the light of truth fixed everything. Now, I’m walking more and more in every way “. To finish your shower, dressed of course tone and listen to music pretty smooth. When you feel totally relaxed, go to your love.


Boil a liter of water with three sunflower seeds and a handful of fennel. Stir the mixture, saying: “my life changes now, on behalf of the great mother. This potion is the energy of nature, to send away all evil and bring good luck. Turn off the heat. Wait, let them cool completely and pour in your coe body, from the neck down. Throw the leftovers in the garbage.


On the first Friday of the month desired, heat some water with seven orange blossoms, seven drops of your favorite perfume and a little bit of honey. Take your daily bath and after that the prepared is warm and strained, pour the liquid into your feet. Let your body dry naturally. With enough faith, pray an our father and a Hail Mary for your guardian angel, asking for protection. What’s left of the bath should be thrown in the trash.


In three liters of boiled water, let stand for half an hour, Orange leaves, leaf-of-fortune, Basil and a sprinkling of coarse salt. Strain and cool. Take your shower and, after it, pour the prepared, from the neck down, with enough faith. Let your body dry naturally while thinking in moments of joy. The remains of the bath should be buried in a flower vase.