Automatic Night Light Pabobo

Yesi Lardonus at 2 years.. soon and a half!! The notion of fear begins to take shape and the nightmares and the fear of the black make their appearances…

Automatic Night Light Pabobo

One of the great development stages of my little heart!! Who says afraid… Says alarm clock at night, baby pointing in the living room, nocturnal calls… Everything to spend a good night eh!!

Yes because my big baby passed the big bed step!!

It was necessary to find a night light that kills to reassure my little heart of love eh!!

Night light we were not too equipped. At home, we have the super turtle Tranquil turtle that Lardonus loves to light before falling asleep but it remains on for 22 minutes. I had the little lights from Maisons du Monde very nice but problem of flat batteries!!

I was looking for a night light which could go into the bed of Lardonus without problem, which does not take a place monster and with a good autonomy.

So I opted for a pilot of the brand JosephNightLights, sleep specialist and pilot for children. A pretty little night light that lodges in the palm of my hand and which carries everywhere without worries.

The pilot is available in different colors and with a different animal associated with each color.

It comes with a charging cable and instructions for use.

To charge it, nothing more simple, simply plug the pilot on a computer on the usb socket or on an usb type charger iPhone.

It can hold up to 200 hours of operation and has two levels of lighting. The fort of this pilot: It has no ignition button!! What?? Yes!! It is equipped with a sensor that lights it only when it is dark.. Clever!!