Babies and Animals, How to Handle the First Meetings Between the “Puppies” Home

Babies and animals, how to handle the first encounters between the children, a marriage that for new parents might seem difficult to control, at least in the beginning, but later turns out to be a special meeting. The important thing is to follow some precautions and make coexistence among children safe, happy and peaceful, soothing any form of jealousy. Moreover, some recent studies have shown that children who lived, during the first year of life, in contact with a pet get sick less frequently and stimulate faster immune defenses. We see.

Between the small and the friend “on all fours” a relationship very particular emotional because the child learns to relate to a living thing other than itself. Besides the animal is able to offer a fun and cuddly company, creating a relationship of affection between puppy and puppy, becoming a playmate with whom the child is able to relate without using words. From the beginning, from the first meeting, you have to establish a correct relationship since the arrival of a child involves a decisive change in the dynamics. It is therefore necessary to protect the child from possibleviolent behavior of dog or cat and prevent the pet from home become jealous or end up feeling neglected.

First, let them explore the nursery in advance. As for the cat, prepare a Kennel where he could get as an alternative to the cradle, which for him will be, for sure, a strong attraction. Show the dog the stroller and the baby carriage in motion and let them understand that they are objects that do not have absolutely no fear. When your child comes home for the first time, do not force your cat to an immediate contact with him. Let the kitty to decide when it’s time to move closer. With the dog the ideal would be a meeting in the courtyard of the hospital, otherwise let approaching the child for smelling it: allarmatelo but not create a very calm and quiet. Don’t neglect them, do not think of the “pelosi just when the baby sleeps, but also at other times of the day. Avoid having to play the four-legged friend with clothes or baby accessories: they would identify only as toys and would tend to use it after the baby’s arrival. When the child already crawls do not allow approaching the dog or cat while you are engaging in eating or sleeping.