Bright Collars For Dog to Protect When It’s Dark!

Keep an eye on your dog even at night thanks to the luminous collars for dog!

Every night it’s the same thing: the walk ends with a game of hide-and-seek! Your lovely pooch is facetious: he took advantage of the darkness to delay the timing of the return. Anxiety, annoyance, you call it unanswered… To keep intact the pleasure of the walk and not lose sight, you know the bright collar? Maybe the solution need you!

The Principle of Luminous Collars For Dog

This isn’t because night fell that your dog changes its behavior. For him, running everywhere, looking for rabbits or continue his ball remains the most important. For you, it’s a source of stress: cyclists and cars become the dangers, and besides, a little stubborn, it does not respond when you call it.

The goal of the luminous collar is twofold:

  • You don’t lose more sight. Even if he moves you can locate it, because the bright collar is visible at a distance of 400 to 500 meters. If he comes near a road or a dangerous place, you can react very quickly. Even if it does not, you know where it is, so no reason to worry!
  • Others present at the scene also see it: cyclists, drivers of cars, walkers, everyone can see it and adapt its behavior to avoid injury.

The bright collar usually has an adjustment system that can do Flash, to distinguish your dog from others.

Different Models of Luminous Collars For Dog

Today, bright necklaces are a growing success. Result, models are increasing and there are different types of bright necklaces.

There are silicone, vinyl or fiber optic necklaces: flexible, resistant and waterproof material.

Regarding lighting, these are most often LEDS incorporated into the collars. They emit a soft light, that doesn’t bother the dog but that remains visible up to 500 meters.

Currently, two systems are available: the collar is fitted with a small battery that can be changed, either a USB connection allows to recharge the collar before the ride on any device equipped with a USB port, including the car, if you have an adapter.

Price of Bright Collars For Dog

As I said, the offer extends, and you can easily find on the internet performing light necklaces and of good quality as those from Atoodog , for example. Pay attention to the question of size: some one-size-fits-all models adapt, others exist in size S to XL. In all cases, do not look that the price and be sure to choose the best fit for your dog!

On average, the first price for the necklaces of small size or one size are around € 8. Count €13 for adults.

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