Brushes and Combs for Dog

Brushes and combs them for dog are essential to his well-being, good health of his hair and his skin. Therefore, choose them carefully based on your dog’s fur.

Grooming is a step to remember. This must be a time of sharing which also serves to remove dead hair, dust and dirt from your dog’s fur while massaging him pleasantly. Choose the good brush and good comb is important. Don’t buy them anywhere and choose quality.

What brush for dog?

Grooming goes through several stages to various accessories.

Brush And Comb For Detangling

The first phase of the grooming starts with Detangling. To do this, choose a suitable comb. Combs them doubles have two widths of teeth. The wider are used to unravel the big knots without breaking the hair while the finer enable precise work. If your dog has long hair, a comb knife can be useful. It has blades to cut the recalcitrant nodes without damaging the skin.


For brushingdifferent brushes are available depending on the length of your dog’s hair. If ras or hard hair, moult, also called trimmer, blade will be perfect to remove dead hair. A specific brush for short hair or a rubber glove are also suitable. For medium or long-haired dogs, choose instead a toothbrush needles or chard. It can be made of stainless steel or plastic. This last is gentler to the dog but less resistant in time. Long hair with the Undercoat are brushing with a rake comb or a comb. These accessories allow to get rid of dead hair without breaking the other.


The final step is the smoothing of the hair. Whatever the length of your dog’s coat, you can use a soft nylon brush or a rubber glove.

Where to buy brushes and combs them?

A successful and effective brushing and grooming, to high quality material. You can buy the brushes and the Combs of your dog in supermarkets, but they will rarely live up to your expectations. For brushes and combs of quality, rather walk-in stores like pet stores. The choice will be much broader. You can also buy the material of your dog in a grooming salon. Here again, the choice is vast and the staff will advise you. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, many websites allow you to buy directly your brushes and combs.

Often should brush his dog?
Long-haired dogs require maintenance at least twice a week but it can be all day in periods of moulting. The session of brushing your dog, take the opportunity to remove sticky herbs scattered throughout his hair, but also to track the presence of fleas.
Dr. Elisabeth Tané, veterinary.