Build Your Own Dog House

You have a dog and you have a plan – here’s how to put your doghouse together.

Things You Will Need:

Sheet polyeurethane
Vinyl-like siding
exterior paint class
2 X 2, tray
2 – -4 Boards
Exterior caulks class
Galvanized general nail
Screwdriver Set
Stainless steel or galvanized screws multiuse
Drills with variable speed


Gather the materials. You will need (in size and number suitable for your plans): 5/8-inch or ¾ – inch plywood (external – class, commonly called CDX or ACX); 2 -po- 2s or two – 4s; stainless steel or galvanized screws or galvanized nails, hammer; screwdriver or drill; exterior grade silicon; exterior grade paint (unless you plan to use siding); siding (optional); roofing materials (optional); insulation (fiberglass or polyurethane sheet betts by those who would use in one house).

Get ready to build the floor of your doghouse wood or bricks to get off the ground, so that moisture does not wick through the wood so that water can not run inch.

Building the framework of the first floor of the amounts presented in structural plan. Cover it with plywood. If you’re going to insulate, install insulation under the plywood.

Construction of the rest of the frame on top of the plywood, which makes it go straight up from the edge of the floor. Attach the frame to the floor with nails or screws.

Build opening the door using the same material as the frame. Shape very simple, like an inverted “U”.

Cover the frame with plywood.

Construction of the roof frame, and cover the frame with plywood. Attach the roof to the open top dog house.

Add roofs and siding to meet the requirements of time. And your sense of style.

Check to make sure no nails, screws or splinters protruding inside or outside.