Cheap Dog Beds & Pillows

At Bridgat you will find beds for your dog that you won’t find anywhere else. The site has spent a really long time to pick out the very best for your dog. Here you will find a very wide selection of designer beds and pillows, but also practical dog beds, which are easy to clean. In the wide selection of dog beds, you will find brands like Happy House, Sack it, Buster, Rogz, Lex & Max, Wooff, Hunter and Nepaldo.

Cheap Dog Beds & Pillows

Dog beds

Should your dog have the best and the most comfortable, so buy your new pet bed. We cover a large and exciting range for both large and small dogs. Dog beds are specially selected, since all dogs deserve the best! There is a very wide selection of designer beds, but also some practical, which is easy for you to clean. You will find brands like Happy House, Sack it, Buster, Wooff, Lex & Nepaldo and of course, Max Hunter. There are also a lot of fun designs, coziness caves and canopy beds that causes your dog to feel like a little Prince or Princess.

Different materials

Dog beds are available in various materials, so there is something for every dog’s needs. You will find among other beds for dogs in nylon, which is comfortable and soft for your dog. The other fabric beds also have the advantage that they are soft and comfortable for the dogs to sleep in with a fabric bed can she sleep soundly and your nice and put in many hours. The fabric beds can also tolerate a trip mostly in the washing machine, so it is easy to clean. In addition, we also cover beds in materials such as faux leather, braided dog beds and more. You will find only the best, and mattresses that shape itself after dog dog’s body.

Dog pillows

At Bridgat, it is easy to find a lot of dog pads in chic designs and you can be sure to find something to drops in your taste. The selection includes, among other things, cushions in sheepskin, chic color combinations and stylish designs that fit into your home. The brand of Happy House is the most exclusive. They are known for their delicious design and for making quality beds/pillows, which is top notch.

In addition, we also cover brands that are hypoallergenic and light a clean.

Dog blankets

There is a wide selection of blankets for dogs that are suitable for any occasion. The dogs blankets can be used in the car, crate, as a blanket on the couch for protection and much more here you can find warm blankets, thermal blankets, Sheepskin rugs, mattresses, travel as your dog will love and find pleasant.

Different sizes

All the products have different sizes to suit each individual dog. When you go out and invest in a new dog bed or dog pillow, according to Animalerts, it is important that you know your dog’s size before you order. All the dimensions of beds and pillows stand for the individual products. Remember that the bed had better be too large than too small.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to contact the site.