Children and Pets: How to Deal with this Coexistence

Dogs and cats are very common in the homes of Brazilians. The pets provide companionship, fun moments, protection and are very dear by the owners. But, many times, who gives as much or more work that animals are the children. When the two come together, the headache may increase. Will you emerge allergies and other diseases? How to deal with the mess? And if the animal is a little quarrelsome?

But coexistence between animals and children can be healthy and natural. To do this, simply that the parents pay attention to three basic issues: health/cleaning, care and education.

The pediatrician Mark Mount says it’s important to stimulate the children and animals, provided that it is subject to the kind of animal (more or less aggressive), the susceptibility of each child in relation to the animals and whether there will be careful of those responsible. Lot is against the theory of raising children in a “plastic bubble”, explaining that ‘ surgical ‘ environments only provide increased immune frames “.

Attention to animals

The attention of the parents must be redoubled when symptoms in the respiratory area of the child, such as sneezing, coughs and bronchospasm crises, bringing difficulty of recovery. And dermatological area, pruritus (itching) and eczema (skin inflammation).

Lala Cerri, a blogger on motherhood in the We Love Cherry and mother of two daughters, lived with this issue and solved in a natural way.


Five years before becoming pregnant, she already had a dog and always considered the pet as part of the family: “my daughters learned early to respect the next, be it a person or an animal. I also realized that soon my kids feel safe and protected by our Bibi. It is very exciting to see how a baby can already establish links with affective a pet. I also realized that my daughters have developed early a certain responsibility in taking care of the puppy when other friends wanted to do some ‘ affection ‘ more blunt. ”

But things were not always easy. Lala account that at first the your pet dog felt jealousy and growled to the baby, even though she’s not mad before. But nothing that a few reprimands, attention and patience do not solve.

Lala believes “the dogs just by our tone of voice they absorb a lot of information and use a tone more angry always worked”. She also tells that always told their daughters that Bibi was a dog, a puppy, and that can’t talk, sometimes she would get angry and maybe bite “.

Needs of animals

On the physiological needs of animals, she recommends that teach the animal to perform them on the outside of the House or in an area that children do not attend with constancy, such as laundry.The important thing, according to Lala, is to be around and teach children to not move and explain the reasons, all very educational.