Children’s Desks Flavored Vintage 2 Old Shool

Let us be honest, with four of every five children’s rooms in which we collection Mammut Ikea furniture. Why I love when I find some child room furniture coming out of the norm (eye, I have nothing against the Swedes but you must recognize me so many fat-legged chairs just tired). Today I discovered the Dutch company 2 Old School, dedicated to make and restore children’s furniture inspired by the years 50 and 60 schools.

The desk’s life is his piece star, whether that is composed of a Chair and a table or even the two tables together classic (in which I always put the revoltosa class, I was a fairly quiet and buenecita girl). 2 Old School are dedicated to Restore antique desks ranging from 85 to 165 euros, and its collection includes a new slate table with vintage-inspired desk for 65 euros.

The major success of this furniture is appealing to memories of parents and grandparents, no sure children who have other types of furniture in class (I, in fact, had these desks but metal at all). I like to put them in a bedroom with a homey, vintage and the detail that the tables are slate is ideal for those who can’t resist to make her artistic mark in all parts.

You had these desks at school When you were small? Do you pondríais them to your kids in the room?