Choose Right Dog Liners and Leashes

Find your new dog line here. We cover a huge selection of delicious quality leashes for your dog. Choose from brands such as Hurtta, Hunter, Julius K9, Flexi and many more. There is a very exclusive selection of dog’s liner from Hunter Black Label and Happy House, where you will find the leashes out of the ordinary. Choose between leather lanyards, nylon lanyards or flexiliner.

Choose Right Dog Liners and Leashes

Large assortment of dog’s liner and leashes

There is a large selection of dog leashes, in a lot of colors and different designs. Here you will find both leather lanyards, nylon lanyards, textile liner, flex liner with more, so you can easily find something that suits your dog. It is important to choose a leash or a dog leash that is durable and solid, so it is comfortable for both dog and owner. The large selection matches also different collars.

Leashes and flex liner for dogs

You will find both cords and roll liner in different variants. According to, it is necessary to have either a dog leash or a rolling line, when in either trips or running. But you have to choose the traditional dog leash or a rolling line, is a matter of taste. A dog leash is usually just a length, but there are, however, some dog leashes, where you can also adjust the length on a single occasion or two. At a length of cord can be adjusted drop-down line substantially more. You determine the brand even if the string must either lengthen or shortened. This makes it more flexible than the traditional cords.

Flex liner for dogs

A drop-down liner is more flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs. A drop-down line gives your dog more freedom on your daily walks. Roll liner, which is also called “flexi-liner” are in a lot of different colors and designs, so the fit for your particular size dog or breed. The cords are durable and have an easy and safe braking system. A flexi-line is always a safe choice and is usually a very durable product, which you can enjoy for many years. Here is mark Flexi, which has liner for every taste and style.

Nylon liner for dogs

The nylon lanyards are quality lanyards that are incredibly durable and wear-resistant. A nylon line is most often very practical and incredibly easy to clean. You will find a great variety of nylon liner.

Leather liner for dogs

A leather line requires a little more care and maintenance than the other lines. A leather line, however, is incredibly delicious and is at the same time more pleasant for the hands to hold on. What you can do to care for your leather line, is to give the leather grease. Leather fat contains a lot of oils that go into and usually leather and prolongs shelf life. At the same time retain your leather line a fresh and delicious look. Inside the site you will also find leather grease, which is suitable for leather products.

You will find a great variety of delicious leather liner and especially Hunter, are masters of making leather products for dogs.

Webbing and rebliner for dogs

Webbingliner is very wear-resistant liner and is really good for training or for dogs that pull on the walk. These are available in many flavors from, among other things, Hunter and Hurtta. Hunter Freestyle series make dog collar, dog leashes and retriever lined. Dog’s cords are also available as double liner.

Reflex liner for dogs

In the dark time, it is extremely important that both you and your dog are visible on the go tour. It is therefore a good idea to have a line with reflective tapes. You will find a lot of fine lines, as well as a lot of retro-chic lamps. Many of the liners have built-in reflex in the actual stitching. The more visible the better is in the secured against motorists with more.

Several dogs at once — without problems!

Do you have more than one dog, a dog Pack is the ideal solution! With a pack of dogs will be your walking much easier and you slupper that the cords will be entangled in each other. A pack of dogs doing that you can have two dogs on a single string, which makes it easy to keep track of the dogs.