Cooling Products for Dogs

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Here we cover a selection of cooling equipment, which will help to keep your dog nice chilled during the hot summer days. There are brands Aqua Coolkeeper and Hurtta, because they are the best in cooling equipment for dogs. Hurtta has created a very popular cooling vest, which was quickly sold out this summer, so therefore you must often rush if you want to have your fingers in a. Aqua Coolkeeper is the brand behind the technology that can cool your dog for up to 5 days, and you can get Aqua Coolkeeper as cool carpet and as cooling jacket.

There is a wide selection of cooling equipment for dogs. Cooling vest Cooling jacket and cooling from Hurtta, blanket for dogs from Aqua Coolkeeper. All are available in several colors and a multitude of sizes. Why is refrigeration equipment necessary?

Yes, that’s it on the hottest days, where the dog has difficulty finding the shadow or the days when in is extra active in the heat. Your dog has very few sweat coats and the only way it can regulate its body temperature is about to sweat through the pads or necks, but on the hottest summer days, this is often not Danish enough for the dog and therefore cooling equipment your dog’s best friend on these days, so it doesn’t end up getting heatstroke. There are unfortunately more and more dogs that get heatstroke in summer. Not only on the hot days can a cooling vest or a cooling blanket can be a benefit, but also if you train a lot with your dog so that it will be very hot, so it is an advantage with the cooling equipment to cool your dog.

Cooling the West from Hurtta is very popular because it sits really well on most dogs. Hurtta cooling vest for dogs keeps not cooling just as long as the cooling jacket from Aqua Coolkeeper, so should you and your dog out on longer trips, so is the cooling jacket from Aqua Coolkeeper preferable. However, you have a dog that does not like to have cooling jacket or cooling vest on, and then you can use the cooling carpet from Aqua Coolkeeper.

Hurtta Cooling vest for dogs, Aqua Coolkeeper cooling jacket and cooling blanket for dogs.