Creative Lighting for Your Home

A new feature used in the decoration seems to fool many people. Called effect lighting, this technique makes it seem like objects and furniture are floating, displaced from the surface. In addition to original and creative, this effect can leave your House superdiferente and more charming.

How to create the effect

According to Nathália Otoni and Luciana Araujo, architects of the Obvious office architecture, the feature works designing a retreat at the base of the furniture to be recessed lighting. “And it is this light that creates the visual effect that objects are suspended, floating,” he explains.


Already the architect Ivana Seabra prefers to use the LED tape in your projects. “In addition to last longer, the LED strips are finer and if camouflage well in various objects like bed, Wall Sconce, Cabinet and other, providing a beautiful effect,” he says.



The interior designer Iara Santos prefers to use fluorescent lamps. “Tubular fluorescent lamp has a more intense lighting and that causes this effect in greater evidence. When designing the mobile, I insert clamps that will hold these light bulbs to hide them in the mobile “, indicates.

However, no matter which way you prefirar create this effect, simply choose the one that is more viable and please your pocket.

Where use of lighting effect

The feature can be used in any room of the House, both in how much furniture and objects on the walls. “This type of lighting provides more sophistication, lightness to the environments and give more prominence to the objects,” punctuates Iara.

Still it is important to remember that using this effect with exaggeration is not a good idea. “It’s not cool to abuse this feature too, because what would be something featured is trivialized in decoration”, reveals Ivana.

Another important detail is in relation to the choice of tone of light. Never mix different colors of light to create that feeling. Ideally, only a tone, which can be colder or warmer, depending on the project, “concludes Ivana.