Design For Pet Beds

Our pets are one member of our family. Just as each of us have our room with our space and our things, they need their own space and the best supplements to grow up healthy and happy.

Today I will introduce a series of design for pet beds that will make them the happiest in the world.These beds will also give you a touch of elegance and class to our decor.

Usually the owners of animals tend to neglect this aspect in the decoration, but part of the space each of the accessories of our animals is important. And the bed is one of the complements larger, so it is one of the essentials to complete an environment.

And I wanted to start with a bed for cats full of class and distinction. Bed Rondo Stand it will be a true haven of peace for our kittens. His modern style will fit perfectly in a contemporary setting. But as also presents a pretty timeless design, it shall be equally well in other areas.

You have three types of materials to choose from: leather, felt or Wicker. Its large base of stainless steel gives great stability to bed. You can also use covers and cushions sold separately to replace the worn. Each material has a different price. If you want more information go to the website of 2b mod.

Divanato is a great bed for pets full of elegance. Simple and modern lines, Divanato placed our pet in a special place, as if it were a pedestal. Italian design meets French manufacture in this incredible supplement for pets.

You have several types of finishes both in the main structure of the bed and into his pad. You have two types of measures, to better suit your type of pet. If you want more information on the bed or buy it, you can visit the website of Pets mood.

And we will end up with the most amazing of all. This amazing bed design is called Castagna and is designed by the Italian firm Bosa. Now you understand a little more wonderful aesthetic, right?

This sumptuous bed dog presents a so distinctive design will take much of your decorating looks. If your dog is extremely special for you, this bed to place it in the place that it deserves. The bed is made of ceramic and you can find it in two different sizes, both with the same color that you see in the picture. Get more info here.