Different Collars for Dog

Ornaments and knick-knacks? Metal and metal hangers? Every tutor has their own preferences in choosing a collar. It is necessary, however, to think in user: is the dog who will “wear” the accessory. Most people don’t like to use collars and other equipment, but it is worth remembering that the use, in many places in Brazil, is required.

Breed, size and age should be considered before the beauty of the collars. The ideal must comply with the characteristics of the animal. The collar should fit perfectly to the neck of the animal (and, in some cases, also to the chest and muzzle). Dogs must walk every day, come rain, shine, and the activity needs to be comfortable.

The Laws On The Use Of Collars

For more uncomfortable as it may be, we must respect the law. In this case, there are no ideal dog collars: animals must be conducted with Hangman, short guide and muzzle. Anyway, knowing the temperament of pet, the tutor responsible must take the animal in such a way as to ensure the integrity of passersby and the dog itself.

The ability to adjust on the topic is of (there is no uniformity in federal level). In Sao Paulo, for example, requires that dogs of breeds considered “dangerous” (such as the pit bull, rottweiler and the Neapolitan Mastiff) are conducted with short guide and muzzle.

In some places, the prohibitions are absurd. This is the case, for example, in Porto Alegre. In the capital, it is prohibited to circulate in areas characterized by popular settlements of dogs considered “guard, combat or other aptitude in that stand out by force and aggression.”

State law (No. 8,871/2001) does not specify the “dangerous” breeds, but foresees fines of 50 to 500 UFMs (local financial units) in the case of non-compliance. Currently, a UFM of Porto Alegre is equivalent to R $3.90.

The Safety

There are many reports of injured dogs by leashes and pecs. In the market, there are good products made with nylon, leather, metal chains and polyester, among others. Currently, the favorite items are the polyester material which can be decorated with patterns and colors, to the happiness of the tutors.

It is not recommended the use of very long guides. According to the size of dogs, the length must not be less than 1.40 metre, even if the driver is a child.

Never take a walk with the dogs without using the collar and chain, no matter how tame they can be. Some breeds may feel “free” and exit at fired, to the dismay of the owners and who are transiting in the streets.Other animals may feel unprotected – and often this means attacking everything that is moving ahead of them.

Common Collar

It is the best option for walking small dogs and medium. In addition, some models are among the cheapest available on the market. The thickness must be compatible with the size of the dog. Remember: like the shoes, the collars also have numbering. The accessories must ensure the comfort and safety of the animals.


The breastplate is only suitable for small dogs (although there are templates for all sizes), since animals tend to pull, making the journey uncomfortable for the driver. Usually done in nylon, some allow adjustment of the PECs handles according to the anatomical characteristics of the animals.

Easy Walk

It is a breastplate that discourages the “push” of dogs. While traditional PECs stimulate the “reflection of opposition”–which is exactly what animals like the Siberian huskies, malamutes and samoyeds do to pull sleds-front strip of easy walk prevents the dog from pulling, because mild pressure on the chest prints and the scapula.

This pressure makes the animal back to the side, redirecting attention to the driver. The easy walk does not cause coughing, gagging, or choking because the chest strap is not on the trachea and larynx, but under the sternum, and elongated bone that articulates with the upper ribs. There are models suitable for short dogs (braquicefálicos).


Ideally, choose a model of cotton, leather or rope (lighter and resistant materials), always with swivel connector, which facilitates the conduct of dogs. The recommended length is 1.5 metre, but, if the intent is to ensure greater mobility for the animals, there are products of up to ten meters.

Avoid the use of retractable guides (or elastic shock absorbers): with them, most of the dogs is encouraged to pull – and this can put the tutor in serious trouble. The very fine guides are hard to hold: too thick and heavy are impractical and uncomfortable for the dog and also to the driver.


He is considered a training collar, to condition dogs aggressive or misfits. The principle of the hangman is quite simple: it causes discomfort and pain when the animal pulls the leash. Over time, the dog Associates pain and inappropriate conduct, failing to display it.

Anyway, the hangman presents some disadvantages: some dogs may develop even more aggressive responses with the use of this collar (including attacking the driver, seen as responsible for the pain). The collar can cause stress in animals–exactly the opposite of what is expected in a pleasant walk.


Before being a collar, mohanavasudevan can be described more appropriately as an instrument of torture. She is also known as clips or necklace of thorns and is a species of Hangman more drastic.

The mohanavasudevan is indicated only for experienced trainers in resistance training. Although in several cartoons, he included as a mandatory accessory for the aggressive dogs, people without experience should not use them because they can cause serious injuries in animals.

Head Collar

This model is special for big dogs and molossoides. The strap involves the head and muzzle of the animal (is a species of Halter), which makes it easy to conduct, without risk of hangings and injuries. The biggest advantage of the head collar is that there is no need of great physical strength to walk your pet, even if it’s a great Dane.

Important Reminders

Never take a walk with their dogs in the hottest times of the day. The Brazilian summer, there are many cases of heat stroke, some of them fatal. In addition, the constant exposure to high temperatures may cause the temper of skin cancers, especially among the short-haired animals or light.

Collars and tabs are not decorative accessories: are safety items for dogs and also for the passers-by. The collar should fit easily on the body of animals, who need wear them quickly, without troublesome time for the tours.

The daily tours are essential to ensure the good health of the dogs, especially those who live in apartments and houses that have little space to exercise. Anyway, the tours are a great way to strengthen the bonds between humans and canines. The dogs learn various forms of socialization when I walk daily.

Finally, take a plastic bag to collect the stool of your dog (puppy or big dog). Many animals do the needs for the daily tours-walking stimulates the Peristaltic movement of the intestine. This is an excellent incentive, but nobody, even if you have dogs, you need to come across sections of POO on the sidewalk.