DIY Halloween Costume for Dogs

A few days before the nightmarish feast of October 31, the fun idea of ​​dressing up your pet you may have crossed your mind.

Often draw on the Web seems the only way to find good ideas for making a Halloween costume for dog original. However, visit a thrift store can also be an excellent source of inspiration!

Here is how a dress of the 80s and that of a Barbie doll turned into giant chocolate Kisses costume for dogs.


  • A colored ball handle money belonging to a dress 80s (visited thrift is required!)
  • Down a long dress Barbie doll (section A) of silver
  • The spray glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun
  • An elastic garment broadband (about 20 cm long)
  • A transparent tape and wide fabric (about 20 cm long)
  • Some thread
  • A needle
  • A computer
  • A color printer
  • Scratch

Technique for making the hat:

  • 1. Print the logo ” Kisses ” on the white paper.
  • 2. Cut so that the logo is the same width as the ribbon.
  • 3. Spray the adhesive tape, then place the sheet with the logo.
  • Unpick the bottom of the Barbie doll dress.
  • Attach the ribbon “logo” with the hot glue gun inside the end of the disjointed dress, so that the label so the hat from the top after the opening closed.
  • Close the opening of the hat with the thread and needle.
  • Remove the conical hat of the animal, measure and cut the elastic needed to hold everything.
  • Sew or glue with hot glue gun elastic inside the hat.

Making Technique of the metal cap:

Unpick one of the sleeves of the dress. The opening at the end of the arm (the one with the rubber band) used to enter the dog’s head and one under the arm (the widest and without elastic) for the dog’s body.Remove all loose and son ironing required.

Thread the dog and make sure that the opening for the head is not too tight in the neck.

You can also use it to make costumes …

Other materials easier to obtain can be used for this project. For example, a party hat covered with foil or sweater for children who have been dyed or painted with silver paint. Be creative and keep your eyes open, you might be surprised!