Does Your Dog Order Food on the Table?

I know that many dogs have difficulty getting real food and are fed basically with feed.O sadness!But now these problems are over!The “Practical guide of the dog asked”, based on my own experience, elenco the most diverse possibilities to increase the diet with delights that make up the menu of our owners and also explains why some did not work.All the tricks and tricks were tested by me, a 50 kg Labrador conquered with a lot of strategy.

Get started early

There’s no denying it: it’s easier to blackmail a human when we’re cute, hairy, newcomers to the home.Therefore, paws the work.If your home is inhabited by children, consider yourself a lucky dog ​​- they walk around the house with cookies and lollipops in their hand, just get close to … nhac!Another great advantage is that, in this age group, it is common that they knock down hotties, especially when they are learning how to handle cutlery.

If child food does not suit your taste buds – well, today I detest porridge and sopinhas – invest in Grandma. By the way, I’ll tell you a story. When I arrived, I soon saw that she loved to get her family together over the weekend, including my four-legged cousins, great teachers, success requests! At four months I was already choosing a strategic location next to the table, lowering my muzzle and ears slightly and looking over my eyes. When Grandma was very entertained in the conversations, she would turn a little bit, turning her head to the right, then to the left (note this tip, because it works well with the elderly and teenagers) and pimba! I earned food. Mom complained, but Grandma replied that she did not have that kind of feed (as our ancestors were lucky!), And that dog needs to eat meat (Grandma, a kiss, I love you!). Mom started to release a little nail here and there, even more when I rubbed her paw gently on her leg, abandoning my tail … She always said she was going to make a concession because it was Sunday, but I have a calendar?Repeated strategy every day, at every meal!

Insist but do not miss the mark

A dog needs to be intuitive. I explain: seeing in my mother and grandmother my allies, I found that all women were the same. What a mistake! One evening they received dinner for steady-nosed, strong-smelling ladies, who almost stepped on my paw in their exquisite heeled shoes. Well. I stood, as always, by the table, despite the fact that none of them called me by name or even cute, but I felt a certain tension. Do you know when nothing seems quiet or favorable? Mom was coming and going with plates and dishes, Daddy was talking, and I, confident in my seductive power with the female sex, settled down under the table at the feet of one of the invited guests. I turned my head, wagged my tail, and she did not give me a ball. Time for that little kick, of course! I do not like to remember what happened next, but it will serve as a lesson for you. The woman bellowed that she had skin (or the? Or half?) Sensitive, that the dog (who, me?) Was going to attack her, I did not quite understand. That is, if you want to be a quest for success, remember to not use the techniques in this manual with strangers. They ignored me during meals, but I persisted for weeks and weeks until Grandma, in solidarity, said:”The dog will eat food from people, yes, but on his plate.”I coped, right?After all, I love Grandma (a kiss, my dear!).

Bad smell

Grandma was not always at home at lunchtime, and as greedy as I am, I used new techniques with other family members, such as leaning on my hind legs and doing nothing.I thought I was all right when I saw Daddy’s hand lowering it with a small vial.Was it my fault?I approached and aaaaaaaaatchinnnn !!Perfume of people, yuck!!!Stay tuned, because this feature of them worked with me (runs away) and it can happen the same with you.

New people in the house? Enjoy!

My dog-like life seemed to be on the days when my human brother got a girlfriend.Salvation!The girl, beautiful that only she, adored me – right target.I settled back to the side of the table – it had even been unlatched, did you see?Nothing else stuck there – and was about to win a nation of picanha when Mom shouted: “Nãaaaaaaaooooo !!!He is sick!The vet has banned it!You can not eat anything but ration. “Sick, me?Vet?Hi???It was all a lie, but I danced.Seeing there a strategy of success, Mom adopted it every time I tried to guarantee myself.Bag.

Bought with a toy

The girlfriend took my mother’s orders, but she seemed determined to pamper me. One day he came home with a toy and stuffed with snacks. Before they sat down to dinner he offered me, and I had so much work to take the delights there that I did not even come near the table. The next day, at lunch, I took up my official commission post, but my human brother remembered the toy. I was about to turn myself in when her sweet girlfriend warned me that if she did, she would reward me for asking.I only got the “present” at the end of the dessert.

I hope the information in the Pony Dog Manual is relevant to you. Anyway, since I am a Labrador, a supportive dog and a partner, I give clues to what is contained in the Manual anti-pidão (yes, I read!), Written by humans for humans, so that you can perfect yourselves and reinvent yourselves.Good luck!

– Dog demand is the owner’s fault. If you do not want the dog to have certain behavior, you must start early. The puppy tends to maintain habits as an adult, like ordering food at a table.

– Do not confuse the dog.If you can not, you can not.It’s not because it’s Sunday that he’s going to eat with you.

– The rules are good for everyone.If Gran gives food, he will think the visit or his boss have to do the same for a fancy dinner.

– With a keen sense of smell, dogs tend to pull away when you present him with a bottle of alcohol gel or perfume.

– Bones suitable for dogs and stuffed toys are effective to entertain the dog, but remember to offer them before meals, so that he does not feel rewarded for being a dog.

“If you really insist on the hairy company, put his little dish a reasonable distance from the table.”It is there, and just there, that you should offer half of your filet steak if you find it even necessary.

If in addition to asking for food at the table your dog pees out of place , it can be your fault! And if he pees and poop out of place and jumps on people , too. Read our tips and turn the game around.