Dog Food-Myths and Truths

In addition to showing that you are a responsible guardian, worry about giving a good diet for your pet will result in medium or long term, lower the cost of veterinary and medicinal products. Not to mention the great advantage of having in place an animal with good intestinal functioning: comfort and well-being for them and for us, too.

Today, there’s a huge menu of options to offer your pet, so it is important to know how to choose the ideal closest to each one in particular. The rations are easy to find, meet the needs of pets, are practical and have reasonable cost.

However there is still a belief that the rations are causing diseases, including industrialized cancer, due to the excess of chemical preservatives, but veterinarians who specialize in animal nutrition disagree. There is no scientific evidence proving this theory. Best quality rations go through rigorous certification and use preservatives like vitamin E and antioxidants, natural or chemical preservatives in very low quantity.

The feed is not the villain

According to the experts, it is common to hear that the number of cancer cases among animals increased. For them, it is assigned to the longevity achieved by pets. Before, the animals arrived at the age of seven were already considered elderly. Now, exceeding the 15. With that, also grew the incidence of diseases, which should not be attributable to the use of feeds.

Against the grain, homemade diets without balancing have taken animals Office with nutritional deficiencies, many veterinarians even had attended. When the tutor is the natural power, that right may be beneficial, it is necessary that the balancing of the preparation is done by professionals trained to understand the specific needs of that animal.

Inside of the rations

The rations recommended by professionals are the so-called premium and super premium. They meet carbs, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins. The protein, which is one of the important items must compose about 20% of the product. It should also be noted the ether extract, which is the fat ration and an expensive ingredient, so is present in feeds for best quality.

For the product is considered good, the feed should contain around 14% of fat in your composition. As with humans, the fat is important to ensure the animal energy. In the package are the Prebiotics as mananoligossarideo, inulin and frutooligossacarideos, which make the product more digestible.

Sodium exametafosfato already helps to prevent the formation of dental plaque. The rations with large amount of fibers or minerals are considered to be of worse quality, but, depending on need, are designed to help in the treatment of obese or diabetic animals. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to each pet.

Industry advances

The thread enables the creation of increasingly specific products for animals, according to the species, breed, size, age and disease. Even foods classified as maintenance or therapeutic characteristics of variables for which the bugs respond better to certain sensibility, as predisposition for skin diseases, for example.

Therapeutic foods act as coadjuvant in the treatment. For animals with kidney problems, products have been developed with low amount of sodium and potassium. Likewise, there are products for diabetics or those with high cholesterol. More specific rations contribute to the need for medication is reduced.

According to the experts, the most practical for good nutrition is to opt for high quality feeds and stay tuned to the amount offered, avoiding the overweight. Tutors should avoid low-quality products, which can contain microtoxinas in your composition, causing damage to pets.

Sources:Gustavo Almeida Gonçalves, Senior Advisor Regional Council of veterinary medicine in the State of Rio de Janeiro; and Leandro Joy, veterinarian graduated from Unesp, operates with nutrition for dogs and cats since 2007 and is a founding partner of Feed Vet-Nutrology vet.

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