Dog Harnesses for Large and Small Dogs

Here you will find a huge selection of dog harnesses. We cover dog harnesses from Hurtta, Julius K9, Hunter and many more. You find your dogs harness here in all sorts of colors and for both large and small dogs. It is important that you always measure your dog before you purchase new harness, that way you ensure that you buy a harness that fits in the best possible way.

Dog harnesses for both large and small dogs

Some dogs thrive better with a dog harness rather than a collar because they might drag and thus puts a strain on the neck by a collar. The dogs that are of the breed French bulldogs thrive better with a dog harness instead of a collar and this makes the, because they may tend to vomit, if there is excessive strain on their neck. A dog harness is also preferable, if your dog has problems with back or neck, so you’re not a burden on the dog’s back or neck. You are also recommended to always start with a dog harness for your puppy, as puppies neck and neck is not fully developed and therefore they do not have the necessary neck muscles to be able to wear a collar and you can therefore run the risk of harming the puppy’s neck.

Dog Harnesses

Find the right size on your new dog harness?

The most important thing when buying a new dog harness, is that you have measured your dog carefully in advance, on the way to ensure you a harness that fits your dog and you will avoid having to send the belt back, if it does not fit. Many choose the same size, which they bought last time. But you can’t be sure that dogs the belt fits, just because you have selected is the same as the last, because the manufacturer may have a change in the model or the objectives.


When you need to measure your dog, then you should measure the dog’s neck and chest. It is important that there is still space for air in between the belt and the dog’s body, but on the other hand, there must not be too much air, so dogs belt loosened, as this can result in dogs selenium bother the dog and in the worst case, give the graves. You can also run the risk that your dog can get out of the belt.