Dog Has to Eat Dog Food?

In the old days it was common to give their pets the remains of lunch and dinner.Quite usual practice, the dogs were used to eat everything and rarely saw a bowl of kibble in life. After some time, the Act of giving “human food” to pets began to be criticized by professionals in the field: the arrival was dog food. According to the promises, the feed would bring greater amount of vitamins and proteins to our furry friends, facilitating digestion and being better absorbed by the body. In other words, was the perfect food for a dog. But I wonder if dog has to eat dog food?

What the experts argue today is that there is this obligation to give only to feed your dog, the point is that we can hardly suit the ingredients on food for the dog to have a balanced diet. So, buy a feed bag at the nearest pet shop seems a lot easier right? But it is worth noting that not all kibble suitable for your dog.

To make sure you’re buying the right ration doesn’t save time: take the packaging and carefully read the items in the composition of the product. A good average quality ration must have, along with flour, meat, vegetables and vegetables. If you read just that flour, flour of that until the end, to feed the dog will eat doesn’t have enough protein to feed properly your dog.

Another tip: If you don’t have any meat, but you find writing the word “by-products”,means that the feed is composed of ground bones, skin and kids. Have protein, but it is not enough for your dog. In summary: will fill his belly, but will not have quality. So, before buying search well and, if possible, ask for indications of the feed your dog’s veterinarian. If dog has to eat dog food, so it’s the ideal for your health.