Dog Running and Jumping

The jumping is a dog sport, essentially composed of obstacles, jumps, tunnels and a slalom. The trace of the events is left to the imagination of the judge, officiating during the competition, which is based on international regulations.

In competition, the ‘handler’ team must highlight the quality of execution of various obstacles, the complicity between the driver and his dog. The speed is not the priority in the course, but his quality of execution. To equal timer, the team who has completed the course with the least amount of mistakes, (so with less penalties) will be classified before. The penalties are the faults and denials that can make a dog on the course, each being penalized by 5 points. See Itypetravel for tips with playing with dogs.

Anyone wishing to practice must be a license issued by the canine Central society through the National Board of education and agility.

There are 4 categories of dogs according to their size and their velocity:
• Category A for dogs less than 37 cm at the withers.
• Category B for dogs of 37 cm and 47 cm at the withers.
• Category C for dogs of 47 cm and more at the withers.
• Category D for dogs molossians, or little swift dogs like great Dane, Leonberg, Rottweiler, etc.

According to these different categories, the judge will set the height of the jumps for the category:
A: 35 cm
B and D: 45 cm
C: 60 cm

He also adjust the rate of change for each. Ex.: 2,20 meters / second in class A for an event with agility zone.