Dog’s Death Serves As Warning For The Risks Of Certain Foods

Saffy, I had two years ago, it was a very nice and healthy dog who loved to walk with your tutor, Joanne, in Chester, England.

In one of these walks, without realizing it, Joanne ate a corn cob Saffy. A week later the dog began vomiting non-stop.

In a first moment, Joanne and her husband believed it was a case of poisoning. But veterinarians, Saffy’s stomach felt felt something hard. The surgery was immediate.

The explanation was that the Spike has come the Saffy intestine as a cheese grater, punching him. Saffy succumbed to bleeding and died the same day.

Even so, the guardians requested a Toxicology report that confirmed the true cause of death. Joanne and her husband are still heartbroken. None of them had a clue what had happened and how the situation was serious. The toxicology report showed that the core of the corn was so hard that it broke the intestines, causing the death of Saffy by severe septicaemia.

Joanne decided to make public the story to prevent the same situation repeat with other dogs. Maybe by Saffy be a small dog, the case has been fatal, believes Joanne. Possibly larger dogs, the size of Labradors, would have had better luck.

Share so that this sad story serve as learning and awareness. Thank you.