Dogs Feeding Bowls Review

Here you can always find new and exciting food bowls for the dog. You will find a very wide variety here. It is made easy for you, so you just have to select which material you want your feed bowl, and then you are otherwise ready to go hunting in all the delicious models.

Colorful Stainless Steel Dog Feeding Bowl Cat Puppy Food Drink Water Dish

Dog bowls

At Petwithsupplies we cover a wide selection of dog bowls and there are always new and exciting food bowls for dogs. You will find feeding bowls in plastic, and melamine, ceramic, wood and aluminium, and more. There are also feed racks and feed containers, in attractive design.

A dog dish in steel is generally a more secure solution, since it is easy to clean and can tolerate getting into the dishwasher. In addition, a dog dish in steel also a timeless and beautiful solution, since it is very classic and fits in with most. A food bowl in plastic is also easy to clean and with a large and exciting range. The plastic food bowls are available in many fun colors and with different motives.

We also cover any backing to your food bowls, so you avoid a lot of mess and unnecessary cleaning. All the pads are available in great designs, so that they fit into your home!

Are you active and loves to have your dog on the road, you can find assorted travel bowls. Travel bowls are easily manageable and practical, making it possible to keep your dog ideal provided with water and food. Here the Hunter can highly be recommended, as have some incredibly beautiful and stylish hundefoder bowls suitable for hunting or other.

Practical with a feeding mat

In addition to beautiful food bowls, you can also find a backing to feed bowls. Some dogs are very messy when eating or drinking water, which requires a lot of unnecessary cleaning. That is why a substrate an ideal solution in most homes. At Petwithsupplies there are plastic/rubber pads in different designs, which can easily be cleaned with a cloth. We cover a lot of colorful and fun feed substrate, whether your dog is a little Princess or a great King, then you can get something for every taste. With the backing, will your dog eat in style?


Why have two food bowls standing when you can have two in one? All dogs are in need of both food and water and with a foderbar, there is room for both. The cups are available in different materials and are double bowls in steel and they can be taken up and come into the dishwasher. Here you can among other things buy feed just from Hunter, which is of good quality! Hunters feed just is always attractive and is available in both plastic and tread design. For several bowls, they can be purchased separately.

Convenient food storage

Feed for animals must be kept dry and at room temperature (or colder), so it minimize the oxidation. A really good solution, so you don’t have to have big bags standing, is to invest in food storage. A feed inventory makes it easier to give your dog food and see at the same time; more smart out and can be advanced. You drop while opening the big bag every day and therefore minimizes oxidation.