Dogs Who Ask Food: How To Resist?

Posted by Raquel Bersano in 14/Apr/2014-1 Comment

You love your dog unconditionally, there can be no doubt. However, the family meal time, most of the time, is a dilemma between the owners. While some die of a heart and can’t take the incessant looks and fixed the puppy food, other people get angry with the most persistent approaches such as barking and jumping up and down around the table.

If you can’t resist the calls of the animal and gives your food to him while you’re at the table, or just giving something in an attempt to him to shut up, here’s a warning: you know that in addition to strengthen increasingly nasty behavior, you can still be hurting the health of pet? Yes, innocent as it may be, this habit can take the dog to obesity.

The overweight animal can have multiple health problems, such as joint diseases, cardiac, respiratory, diabetes and, consequently, live less. In addition, it is important to note that dogs eat differently. The body of them also acts differently. So some of our foods can be very detrimental to them.


With the Easter holiday approaching, we chose one of the great enemies of dogs: chocolate. If the sugar is in itself very dangerous to animal health, the chocolate should never be offered to the dog, as it has a substance called Theobromine that, depending on the quantity and sensitivity of the bicho, you can take it to death. So, Easter eggs and chocolates and chocolate bars should pass well away from pets. If you want to really please him, already exists on the market specific chocolates for the dog.

They are not as sweet, but, even so, should be consumed in moderation. So, now you know: resist the temptation and nothing to appease your dog with little pieces of pizza or lasagna, or chocolate flakes. As much as he tries, ignore the request because, at some point, after successive failures, the dog will end up giving up.

You can also offer a toy stuffed with his food, so that the animal also eat and get distracted during your meal. It is still possible to prevent his access to the place where the family will eat. If it seems too hard, remember that it is for his own good: those who love, take care!