Dressage: Not Only of the Animal, But Also of the Owners. Understand!

Marley is a lab full of energy. If you don’t spend on rides, games and a lot of attention from their owners, just looking for other ways to download it. Alone at home, run by the room tearing down everything you see ahead of you. And chews everything what is soft: couch, pillow, blanket. And chews also demand a far greater effort of your jawbone: slipper, telephone, desk.

These are scenes from the book “Marley & me,” written by journalist John Grogan, and which was made into a film of the same name, but could also be reports of any ordinary person who has a dog -the book also tells a true story.


Situations like this make people laugh in movies and books, but also can bring discomfort to the owners, who face difficulties in time to receive people in house or walk the dog, for example.

Although, in most cases, the owner blame the dog for the actions considered wrong, how to destroy the garden or tearing the pillow, the owner who may have favored these habits.

When the behavior of the dogs can’t be improved and the owner can’t communicate with them, the best is to look for a professional trainer. ” The training aims to improve coexistence between man and animal. Trained dogs suffer fewer restrictions, would know how to behave in various situations, and respect the owner as your leader”, says the vet and dog breeder Ana Paula war. Learning to know how to work the head of pet, it becomes easier to know what to do in the time to please or repress.



Benefits in

With the training techniques, both the owner as the dog benefit and learning goes well beyond the basic tricks, How to sit, lie down and roll over, commands that can be taught by anyone without expert help.

” But obey them doesn’t mean that the dog recognizes the owner as leader. For that animal behavior change, we need to change the owner also “, explains Samuel Augustus Talon trainer. According to animal husbandry and TV presenter Alexander Rossi, known as Dr. Pet, since the puppy dog is constantly learning.

So, If it barked or cried and got what he wanted (food or affection, for example), the owner is”teaching” that is so that the animal can achieve their goals.



So the dog can get customs according to the reaction of their owners. And that’s why there’s no point in wanting an animal modify some attitudes alone, when the error is more in the way of the person to behave.

And that is why the training aims not only to train the dog, but also teach people cope better with him.

During class, the owner learns, for example, How to prevent any action of the animal. Say short words, such as “no”, in tom low and tight, can be more effective than spending minutes yelling at the man. That’s because long sentences, even more loudly, are not absorbed-and every effort is going to miss.