Easter Chocolate Line Good For Dog

Easter is the time of chocolate and it’s not just humans who love to devour this delicious. The puppies also lick the muzzles because of this delicacy. But as everyone knows or should know, cocoa based chocolates are for human consumption and must not be offered to hairy.

Not to leave the dog salivating, Pet and Pet Bakery Gallery launches new limited and exclusive line of Easter. The products are based on locust to replace cocoa in our fresh yams. There are also three different options of chocolates in the traditional format eggs, candies and chocolates in the shape of bones. Each package of 25 grams contains four units and costs R $6.00. The daily recommendation is up to six units for small dogs, up to eight units for medium-sized dogs and up to 12 units for large dogs.

Despite our tidbits as carob cookies are for dogs, pet owners can also experience the portion, as they are natural ingredients and integrals.

Who want to give a gift more incremented, the Gallery has assembled a special kit with a packet chocolate flavor, a bandanna printed with thematic and a Velveteen Rabbit by R$55,00. Another option is the Adopted Pet, Pet Gallery, partner with bunny costumes for your “aumigo” get in the mood of the date, which costs from R $89.00.

About The Gallery And Pet Bakery

The gallery and Pet Bakery has as mission to offer our best friends, a food concept and a gourmet place to savor and relish in differentiated and healthy Smoothies: ice cream, beer, soft drinks, juices, cookies, beef, cakes, muffins, wafers , Brigadier, cookies, chocolates and products that your pet will love. Always with the concern on the health of your pet, the ingredients are carefully selected in order to provide natural products (no added artificial dyes and preservatives), and craft. The store also has a boutique with differentiated and customized products, in addition to other services such as buffet parties for the celebrations of their pets.