Enlightened Kitchen: Tips for Keeping the Environment Full of Energy!

The most intimate chats of the residents of this House, the kitchen environment, at the condo in Alphaville Barueri-SP. is here, without the interference of TV, the family gathers to cook and know what’s going on with each one. Their 25 m ², divided between copa and kitchen, modern décor and practice, which favours the coexistence, at the hands of architect Christopher Negreira, in the Studio.

Professional spotlight

The extension of the sink in the kitchen L in two areas and has, on one side, drawers and shelves that help in the Organization of the environment and, on the other, loose modules with casters that can be used as support during meals. “The side of the table, they may harbour support tools, oil, salt and other seasonings”, values the professional.


The furniture was custom-made by joinery Nelo, São Paulo (SP), following the design of architect. The big advantage, according to the professional, was able to perform exactly what you wanted to your project. “The play would run much of the L-shaped pattern for implementing the planned shops and therefore would come out too expensive for being out of default,” argues Chris.



To cheapen the cost of decoration, the cabinets were made in MDF white, which is the lower of the market. Lamps and ceramics selected also helped save.

Illuminated environment

The generous window over the sink is responsible for letting the well-lit kitchen during the day. For the night, the light is also sick with a cold white lighting. “PL lamps were economic options to both points of the environment”, details Cris Negreira.