External Lighting of the House

Lighting Projects are very important for the transmit the feeling of comfort and warmth. With the correct bulbs and the most suitable, your outdoor area can get pretty warm and perfect for entertaining. To remove all doubts about the subject, talked to the architect and interior designer Lillian Fajardo.

First steps

Second Lilian, first of all, it is important to hire a trained operative. “It is essential to hire an architect to design the architectural project and the database projectso that they are compatible. Residential or commercial decoration is enhanced by the light “, explains.

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Time to light up.

The architect even States that the natural lighting is, in most cases, the best alternative. “Natural lighting is still the best option, whenever possible, in order to the economy. Already the choice of the lamp depends on the environment and the activities that will be carried out in space “, reveals.

A good tip is to use-saving LED light bulbs. “The replacement of traditional bulbs for LED light bulbs is a strong trend, both the economy and the durability”, explains Lilian.

Direct vs indirect lighting

It is very common to have doubts in relation to the type of lighting. The light should be direct or indirect. What are the differences between them? The architect explains that “direct lighting is when light falls directly on the surface, that is, it is more used in desktop or when the intention is to highlight one element”.

Already the indirect lighting, “is when light falls on the surface and then is reflected, i.e. the effect is diffuse, so that the environment is warm”, he adds.

The best option in the external area is “reconcile the direct and indirect lighting, according to every purpose”.

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Importance of external lighting

Outdoor area lighting must be designed carefully, since, according to interior designer, “demarcates the paths, enhance the vegetation and, especially, provides secure”.

Another tip is to use the sensor of presence in strategic locations. “It’s always good to have lighting on the facade of the House, usually with sensor of presence”, points out the specialist.

Important tips

To make the correct lighting in backyard, porch or in the pool area, note the tips from the expert:

-“In large green areas, decorated poles are welcome, with minimum height of 1, 80 m not to obfuscate the view of the people.
The Netherlands, already used to light the way, must have a maximum height of 1, 10 m. For this purpose, provision must be made for electrical wiring.

-” Uplighting lighting illuminates the vegetation from the bottom to the top and front lighting lighting is ideal for walls and façades. Tom amber is the most elegant “.

-“The pool can be illuminated with fiber optics and the sports court with metal vapor lamp”.

-“In apartments , where most of the area is discovered, we use as the walls, usually with halopin lamps or reflectors on the parapet, with PAR 30 lamps. The underpinning and reflectors need to be shielded by being subject to bad weather of nature “.

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-“On the walls, a charming hint are the wall sconces, with varied models for all styles. The wall sconces can play the light upwards, downwards or in both directions, depending on the intention of the architect.

-“In the overalls are usual the thumbtacks with lamps PAR 20 to enhance vegetation”.

-“The gourmet’s interesting use for general light rail and some focused lamps, creating either intimate scene. On the table or countertop, pendants are good choices.

-“And, to finish, automation is a great ally in planning a lighting space!”