Five Articles to Give a French Touch and Your Home Vintage

I hope that my colleague María SJB is not reading this article now, or will he get angry much with me when you see that I have placed a picture of a bottle of zinc from the sixties in an article that carries the word vintage in the title. Let’s say that we are going to use, like so many other times, the word vintage in its broadest sense.

The issue is that I found with Rue Vintage 74 news and I’ve fallen in love of his French vintage style proposals, It ranging from items that really are inspired 1920s, until other thirties or forties and even of the sixties. But I said that at the end the year is not the most important, the most important is that they are original to the House and very nice details.

Sources of faience French style 40’s

Now that we are already tucked full in the autumn is very good time baking and to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious recipes and why we need to renew sources which then serve as the result of our efforts in a nice way, these sources of French-style pottery inspired by the 1940s may be ideal for this.

French vintage style ashtray

Although the smoking is not nothing, the ashtray It is still a common addition to many tables. Also no need to use it to take ash, we can have it just as embellishment and more if it is one as original as this French style, is not the only Vintage 74 Rue collection, its innovations include other models, up to is the classic Martini ashtray.

French style coffee set 30 years

And if earlier we were talking about cooking, we now talk about coffee that always accompanies the desktop after a good meal. I am one of those who think that the flavor of the coffee depends in some way of the container in which they serve, and served in a French style coffee set inspired by the 1930s have to know well the force. In addition these cups will be ideal in our showcase.

Glasses of wine and champagne in French 20’s style and 30

And if the crockery is important, equally important is glassware, so after having been good sources and cups not we cannot remain without a good set of glasses. They can be wine, water or champagne glasses, but they are as they are to continue in the same style as the rest of the accessories. In transparent glass and color, Rue Vintage offers us this season several elegant games.

Vintage style decorative glass bottles

And we ended up with the also vintage style glass bottles, of course, to do with this game. These bottles are no longer thought to contain a liquid that you are going to drink, but they have rather become a detail to decorate, together or separately are perfect as vases for flowers or simply as an ornament.

So you know, if in the last year it had become fashionable throughout the british, now French is also going strong. No I said that we are going to fill all the House of winks to the neighboring country, but if you like contrasts and blends, sure that he’ll add something in this style to your kitchen or your dining room.