Five Tricks To Clean Dog Bed

The dog bed should clean it once a month, with a SOAP without ammonia and pre-accession aid of vacuum cleaner.

Truth that we care to keep clean our bed and change sheets regularly? Because dogs need to be the same: a dog bed free of dangerous pathogens, including fleas and ticks. Below, explains why it is so important to clean the dog bed and offered five tricks to get it: choose a dog bed being cleaned with ease, using the vacuum cleaner, clean the washing machine once a month, dry and use SOAP without ammonia and its can-friendly. Get to work!

Dog bed: clean and safe

A dirty dog bed is a source of dangerous pathogens for the dog, but also for the rest of the human family. Our furry companions of life walk through the Park, frolicking in the mud, when not in even less hygienic substances, and along all kinds of objects, animals and areas that capture their interest.

After the walks with the dog, it is important to clean their legs and remove any type of substance that has been able to remain attached to their fur. To do this, the brushing of the dog are also an ally. And, of course, the bathrooms will be needed in emergency situations: among them, when a dog has retozado in the dirt.

The risk of contracting diseases, however, does not end here. The human we share about 100 complaints with our dogs and cats, according to the Center for the Control and prevention of diseases of USA These figures require to take extra precautions and cleaning, also in the bed of our furry companions of life. But, how do you clean dog bed? Five simple tips below to get it.

1. Clean the dog bed: choose well

The hygiene of the dog bed is one of the first aspects which we must take into account before purchasing our can-rest area. Dog beds are of many types, but not all are equally easy to clean!

The first step is to check the labels on the product and verify that the method of washing proposed by the manufacturer is feasible and easy to do at home. It is usual to go with a nice model, but it will be just as attractive when the dog puppy urinate over and we do not know how to wash it?

The simplest advice is choose a dog bed that can put in the washing machine with ease. And even that will be introduced in the dryer.

2. Clean the dog bed: vacuum cleaner

The first step to clean dog bed is to vacuum the mattress. This simple gesture will eliminate much of the dog hairs and dirt that has been embedded.

Vacuum cleaner, will also protect the washer we go to clean the mat: prevent any jam in the mechanism.

A simple roll of adhesive paper works to remove most of the dog’s hair. We can also use it between washing and washing, to keep the dog bed as neat as possible.

3. Cleaning time: today the dog bed

The dog bed collects everything that can brings with it after the walks through the Park: dirt, mud and insects, such as fleas and ticks. Clean regularly can rest area is the easiest way to protect your furry friend (and the rest of the House) of an infection.

The dog bed should pass by the washing machine, at least once a month. The chosen programme should use hot water: in this way, better remove dirt.

Before the washer, we can put the dog bed to soak in warm soapy water, within a basin or bathtub, if it is very large. This simple bathroom will help remove more debris.

4. Dog bed: dry well

If dryer we have at home, we can put the mattress of the can. Before venturing, however, should carefully read the product label, to make sure that the mat will not be damaged.

Otherwise, you will have to dry on the Clothesline and then, check that it has lost any moisture before replacing it at home.

5. Dog bed: detergent ‘dog-friendly’

The dogs also suffer from allergies. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the detergent used to wash the dog bed does not harm your skin.

An important recommendation is to avoid products with ammonia to clean dog bed: Canine urine contains ammonia, and therefore products with ammonia can encourage the dog to relieve himself on his bed.

In addition, if your furry Companion is that graze your bed, it will be necessary to have recourse to a non-harmful substances that can eat detergent. In this case, your veterinarian will be an ally to choose the best product.