Food Problems: What To Do?

Posted by Raquel Bersano in 08/may/2014-

Just get the meals that the puppy begins to take a lot of work?

While some pets seem to be hungry all the time, others have no interest in the feed, or even make morning to eat. This can sometimes be common and a lot of work and is called food issues.

First of all, you have to realize that hunger is the physical need of the pet to feed and replenish your nutrients.

Already the appetite is the desire and willingness to ingest food. Most of the time, the dog will have healthy appetite even if you are already with hunger sated. Therefore, it is necessary to resist the face of a sudden the pet if he keeps asking for food.

Lack of appetite, what to do?

Did you know that many dogs lose interest in food for her stay available all day? That’s right. So, an important tip is to offer just the right amount of food for the dog. If on, remove the pot and save, then reload. Also, to increase his interest, slacken the amount offered at each meal.

Important: avoid incrementing the dog food with chicken, meat, sauces, etc. This can worsen the taste of the dog as it can learn to refuse the simple feed to gain increased ration! Now, if the dog is already accustomed to only feed with other foods together to feed, do not remove at once: try to do this gradually to accustom the taste of dog kibble. Many animals, when you notice the lack of the add-on, you can keep eating nothing, which can cause health problems.

Another interesting tip for dogs who refuse food or only eat if the owner feed him by hand is to use toys, or even release a pet bottle stuck as a bird feeder.