Foods that Are Bad for Dogs

  • Bones, grapes or candies can cause a lot of damage to the dog’s health. Meet some types of foods that are bad for you and your symptoms.

There’s no way: just start eating a bagel and your friend is waiting for a little bit.Sometimes it’s impossible to resist and you end up taking a piece of bread? But, did you know that pure dough can bring damage to your friend? There are several types of foods, which should not be given to dogs on a daily basis. meet some of them.

Dietetic Candy: these products are manufactured and sweetened with a component called Xylitol, and this can cause various types of problems, such as liver damage and death. So don’t give it to your dog mints, cookies, chewing gum, among other items.

Alcohol, chocolate and coffee: are products that contain methylxanthines and theobromine, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, excessive urine, among other symptoms, which can lead to death of the animal.

Avocados: a substance known as Persina may be present in the bark or the fruit and seed she can bring a lot of damage to the health of your best friend.
Soon, don’t give avocado for him.

Grapes and raisins: Unfortunately, they can cause kidney failure, especially if they’re consumed with excess.

Macadamia Nut: produces few symptoms such as weakness, vomiting, tremors and hyper thermia. They can arise after 12 hours of ingestion, sometimes last up to 2 days;

Dough and Uncooked Cake: the yeast contained in these items can expand in the stomach of the dog and, unfortunately, cause a lot of pain, or as the case may be until intestinal rupture. This risk can be reduced if the dough is baked, but even so, avoid giving breads or cakes for dogs.

Garlic: food seasoned with garlic can cause the destruction of red blood cells and cause anemia or even kidney failure by loss of hemoglobin.

Food with Excess Salt and FAT: these types of foods can cause a lot of stomach pain and even pan creatitis. In addition, excess salt can cause the dog diarrhea and vomiting.

Bones: they can cause gagging or even perforation of the digestive tract. Also, there are foods such as meat or undercooked eggs which can cause bacterial poisoning.

Therefore, avoid giving these types of foods for dogs and ask any questions to the vet of your best friend. If you want to buy specific products blandishments that are made for dogs, Pet Shop stores.