Forbidden Foods For The Dog

Did You Know That Chocolate Is Toxic To Your Best Friend? Check Out Some Foods To Stay Away From His Diet.

Do you ever take food for your best friend? Did you know that there are foods that are harmful to his health? There are snacks that are healthy and can be offered at one time or another, because no harm and even approach the owner and the dog. However, some types of foods can do very badly. Check out the tips!


Many dogs tend to have lactose intolerance, so, ideally, prevent the milk and its derivatives. So, you protect your dog.


You have the habit of eating this fruit? Avoid giving a piece for your dog, because the avocado has a toxic substance called persina and that cause gastrointestinal problems in your dog.


Often used to spice foods, the onion has a component called thiosulfate.There are dogs that are extremely sensitive to onions and because of this may develop anemia. For them to recover, should stop ingesting. Therefore, do not give onions for your best friend and stay tuned as the dog is in the kitchen.


The garlic should not be given to dogs because it can cause anemia due to the destruction of red blood cells. Moreover, it can cause other serious and complex problems, such as kidney failure by loss of hemoglobin. Stay tuned!

Foods With A Lot Of Fat

You love a rump with fat? Or that feijoada on Sunday? The your best friend should not eat fat-filled foods, because they can cause gastrointestinal problems. Another problem that can happen is the dog develop pancreatitis. So let fatty foods away from your best friend’s diet!


You can’t resist a chocolate? But, don’t take a little piece for your dog. The chocolate has a highly toxic substance that is called theobromine and which is harmful to his health.

Grape Or Raisin

You love this fruit? Has a habit of going to the fridge and get pinching some grapes? The fruit should not be given to your dog, because they can cause kidney failure, in addition to vomiting and can also leave the dog more apathetic. So, be careful and don’t let the grapes are part of the diet of your best friend.

Sweet And Salty Foods Sugar

You can’t resist a candy? The goodies are delicious, but also harmful to the dog’s health due to the presence of xylitol, which causes the increase of insulin in the bloodstream of the dog, which can raise the blood sugar and cause liver failure.