Game to Play with Puppy

In animals, the notion of game is not opposed to work as in humans and its useless connotation. The animal game is often serious and productive.It is as it is. The game animals is always spontaneous and reproduced often real situations, but overreacting. The dog seems to hunt something, but his movements are disproportionate.

The repetitive aspect of the game is clear in the puppy, who reported several times on the ball that the master is required to post. The game evolves based on the age of the puppy, relationships with his mother and his environment.

The evolution of the game depending on the age of the puppy

2 To 4 Weeks
The first manifestation of a playful behavior can be observed around 4 weeks, i.e. at the beginning of the period of socialization. Puppies of 2 to 4 weeks have very short game periods which are often composed of mordillement sessions. They are rarely solitary.The puppy plays with her mother or the scope. The game is quite clumsy. During this period, the puppy learns haptically his body through licking and the mutual mordillement.

4 To 5 weeks
Puppies really play at the age of 4 weeks. They pounce on each other and fall to the ground. They then take objects and run together. The game is fundamental for the psychic development of the puppy.

The puppy is aware that he can play alone with an object. He then takes characteristic positions as facing a prey and defends his toy to the approach of a congener. The puppy also discovered the playful battle : he can take another puppy by the neck or ears, the lift and shake.

The bitten puppy done during these fights, the discovery of pain and screams. This allows the biter to become aware of its bite and inhibit him during game sessions. As soon as a buff puppy screams, the cowardly perpetrator taken. It is therefore essential not to intervene so that both sides realize the “addict” and the “biter”. If the master intervenes, learning of this notion can be done properly.

5 To 7 weeks
The fighting game perfect, puppies are falling, real game strategies are established. Many adult attitudes of submission or dominance are appearing during these sessions.

7 Weeks In Adulthood
The puppy plays very often and the intensity of the games becomes important. It is at this time that the game can turn to the master and it must be very vigilant. Sexual exploration makes its appearance. The puppy can quickly do understand he wants to play.