Golden Retriever


The golden retriever or Golden collector, had its beginnings in Scotland at the end of the 19th century. It was a dog developed by Lord Tweedmouth with the goal of creating a breed suitable for hunting in the Scottish climate. It was a cross between the retriever of Tweedmouth, tweed water spaniel, the Irish setter, and the bloodhound. It is a companion dog and hunting, but it is also assistance dog, dog therapy, search and rescue, detection, among other tasks.


Sports, according to the AKC; Group 8, Retriever hunting dogs hunting, according to the FCI lifters.


Weighing between 55 and 75 pounds (25-34 kg), according to the AKC standard and measured between 20 and 24 inches (51-61 cm) in height at the Withers, according to the FCI. It is a dog of medium size females with more smaller than males. Stresses its gold-colored fur, as its name suggests, from golden light until dark golden color. This is silky, it can be smooth or slightly wavy, and relatively long.

It is athletic and strong body with a tail that is thick and muscular at the base, which has been in high and somewhat curved. The head is in good proportion with a stop (depression cranial) well defined, eyes dark brown color in an attentive expression, a prominent and black truffle, strong JAWS with a scissor bite and ears that hang to the side cheeks. There is some discrepancy between the standard of the golden retriever of Europe and of the United States, but the difference is not substantial and the dogs exhibit the same characteristics.


It’s friendly, smart, active and energetic. He likes to please its owner, it is gentle, loving and very suitable for training.

Bless you

Refrain from purchasing it from a pet shop or online. Do not discard the possibility of acquiring your golden retriever a animal shelter or a rescue Center. It is recommended that the future owner report, since these places have a lot of dogs awaiting adoption and provide the possibility to save the life of an animal. It is considered not only dogs of purebred, but mixed also. Furthermore, responsible breeders take pains to have few litters of dogs golden retriever and only healthy dogs that are in accordance with the standard of the breed. The golden retriever is susceptible to hereditary diseases including hip dysplasia and shoulders, eye and heart problems. If you get your golden retriever in a kennel, make sure that their parents have received the necessary tests to rule out diseases.


In addition to basic grooming , the golden retriever has two large changes of hair, therefore the combing and cepilllado on a daily basis are essential. It is advisable to be cut out excess hair pads and ear, which, to be hanging, need special attention.

It is a dog that can live both with a single as being part of a family owner. It can be very good with children, but children should be supervised whenever they are in the presence of a dog. Both dog and child need to learn what behavior should be or not display when they are together. The child can never be owner of the dog, being a responsible adult.

It is not the right breed to live in an apartment: not small nor nor lacks energy. It is best to live in a House, preferably with patio. However, there are always exceptions, especially if you buy an adult dog or higher which, unlike dogs of their breed or for reasons of age, enjoys the lethargy.

Activity and exercise

Exercise It is very important for this Hunter and should be exercised every day. Long walks are essential, but this is not enough. It is a very active and vigorous dog. Activities and outdoor exercise will benefit him: play frisbee, run with you, go hiking or participate in any game or activity stimulating. Some activities that you can carry out at home are games that allow them to display their spirit of Hunter, as it pulls and loosens or play hide and seek. You will be delighted if you train it to do tricks like sit down when you ask it, walk at your side or to turn, and you will love will teach you to bring you the ball and their toys. It is good companion of gym and swimming: it has a waterproof coat and loves to swim, so you can take it to the pool, Lake or beach. Remember to always supervise him.

Education and training

The golden retriever need socialization and basic obedience to be a balanced dog. Generally pays much attention and is intelligent, so very adept at learning commands and tricks and training of all kinds. It is outstanding in training classes and canine sports. Kinds of tracking, agility, flyball, obedience, among others, you will be stimulating, entertaining and learn properly.

About this race

It is a very versatile breed. Although it requires a high commitment of time for exercise, training and education, the golden retriever is very obedient and friendly with its owner. This type of dog enjoys company, events and activities. Their learning ability is very high and you as the owner will have to invest much time to train him throughout his life. In this way you can exploit his fitness and you will have a happy dog.

It is ideal for you if…

• You have already informed, understand the needs of this breed and your lifestyle is perfect to have a golden retriever.

• Like to spend time outdoors, running, sports and have time to dedicate to this dog.


According to the book the intelligence of dogs, written in English in 1994 by Stanley Coren, Professor of psychology in Canada, the golden retriever is the fourth most intelligent dog breed of those registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). The border collie, poodle, and the German Shepherd Dog precede it.