Good Games to Play with Your Dogs

The game is ntaurel in the dog. Of course it doesn’t have the same notion of the game than humans, but the fact is that the game is a key aspect of its psychological construction. The game is also a way for the dog to determine the relationship he develops with other dogs, other animals, and humans. There are 3 main types of games in dogs:

Locomotor games

Locomotor games are often the first to appear. It is somehow a way to exercise. Run, jump anywhere, cavorting, jump, jump… are locomotor games, i.e. games that stimulate the muscles. There, observing the animal world, the unavoidable parallel between locomotor games and activities of adults to hunting.

Games of this type are muscle preparations to hunting laws. It seems that the repetition of freshly acquired movements to improve, control them, and thereby to increase the dexterity of the animal and thus his future chances of survival.

The games of objects and predation

Games of manipulation are involved objects. These “sting” the curiosity of the dog that, if he’s not afraid, will touch, sniffing them, take them in his mouth. Is this playful exploration phase that allows the animal to be acquainted with the object. Visit Loverists to learn how to train a dog.

Later, the dog will play strictly speaking with the object handling. This object, become familiar, can represent a real toy for the animal. A true setting for the toy can even occur (the dog and his fetish ball). However, in most cases, the animal may lose interest more quickly the object.

The origin of the object game seems to be that of training at the capture of prey. Play with something in nature means above all play in the absence of someone, which implies:

-the animal is sufficiently high in the scale of species for social play.
-It is only to want to play and has or invents something that will serve as a partner.

What can bring the game to object to that practice? Apparently this is a drive to the master of the prey start. Hunting dogs will be perhaps more gifted in this exercise.

Social games

The social game involves several animals and occurs mainly among young people, but also between children and their mother or another adult, or more rarely between adults. There are few specific motor sequences of the social game, with the exception of the signals of intent to games.

It is essentially games of car chases, hide and seek, play fighting, but also games of parades or more complex games. The social game is the game of the invention,development and power, of course.

He coordinates several members in a frantic race towards a precise goal: it’s the Chase that characterizes the social games of four-legged animals. Of course, become adults, they themselves will run more after, but in concert toward the same prey.

It can also divide; so put two dogs male about 6 months in a garden and watch them: as soon as they have finished to continue, they will start to fight, but gently, without roll up their chops, or hair of their spine, to not get really hurt.