Goyard Pamper The Pets with High Leather Range

The emblem of Goyard It is not a G, as you would expect. So for pragmatic, their suitcases, briefcases and bags look an elegant pattern with Y. Goyard is a family business with a long tradition in travel suitcases founded in 1853 in Paris and today I would like to show you your items for pet travel.

They just opened, in the same Rue Saint Honore where the Parisian shop, is located one new store dedicated exclusively to trips and pet items. Although pets include to cats and monkeys (Yes, monkeys, like the Tarzan), for now I only present this set three pieces for dogs.

Collars, harnesses, and Goyard dog leashes are not anything new: Since 1892 they wear chic dogs. Skin and other high quality materials, these canine accessories are made by hand and, important detail, custom.

If your pet is traveling with you, you can do so many stops pienso-break as needed. With this travel feeder, everything is controlled. The red color of this line Monsieur Hulot I especially like: nothing serious as the black or brown colour, are between elegant and extravagant pets like that travel to the fashion.

Once walked and fed, the travel bag Monsieur Hulot to transport your pet is designed for your comfort during the voyage. Rings of aeration, side or top opening and why traditional 3D: the bag is beautiful. All the best for your faithful companion.