Heat Temperature of Light Bulbs

You may have noticed that a LED bulb gets hot during operation, but can we burn? What temperature rises compared to incandescent or the fluorescent bulbs compact?

Heat Temperature of Light Bulbs

Assessment of temperature

A LED bulb is hot to the touch, but is nothing compared to an incandescent bulb or halogen bulb.

The latest lighting technology, a LED powered generates light and a slight emission of heat but that is negligible compared to the temperature that can reach the old bulb filament incandescent.

Equivalent luminous power, an LED bulb will barely reach half of the temperature of a conventional bulb or halogen. Their operating temperature is also 20% below that of fluorescent bulbs compact.

Is it risky to touch on a LED bulb ?

You can smoothly handle a LED bulb like a E27 bulb took her by the side light diffuser, i.e. the dome through which ran the light. However, it must avoid taking by the heats ink, whose role is to send the heat from the bulb in the air and who can be hotter.

It allows to dissipate heat and maintain food and electronic components as cool as possible.

How much does it heat?

According to the models and brands, the heatsink reached a heat which varies between 60 and 100 ° C.

Usually the dome does not exceed 50 ° C, thus catching the LED bulb by this side: not burned!

The sensation of heat may seem important, but it is only due to the difference in temperature between the bulb and the skin. Remember never to catch the light bulb with the heatsink and you have nothing to fear.

On the other hand, do not attempt to hold a halogen or incandescent coming from work or on. The filament that can reach more than 2500 ° c, it is the burning assured!

This information is from a test with infra-red camera to measure the temperature of LED bulbs that you can view here.

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