Help for Abandoned Dogs

The Hungarian artist Sarolta Bán has dedicated years to photography and has now launched a new project: “Help Dogs with Images.”

Sensitive to the plight of the many stray dogs housed in kennels waiting for adoption has decided to help those who try to find them a home through his work as an artist: he invited anyone in the world wants to advertise a dog looking for a family that loves him forever to send the photo via his page facebook.

Sarolta Bán, hoping to help them have greater visibility and find a way home, reworks digitally transforming them into fantastic portraits, sweet and poetic, often surreal, dogs of all ages, colors and sizes.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and his project is already proving a great success began on March 7, the artist received a lot of pictures; elaborate portraits are published on his website from where you can buy them. In fact, for every print sold Sarolta Bán donates $ 50 to the shelter that houses the portrait dog; thanks to the response of the people has been collected more than $ 500 today and the project is not finished yet, there is time until June 30 to continue to send photographs of dogs looking for adoption.
On the Hungarian artist’s website you can read also the story of every photographed dog and discover with pleasure that some of them have already found a home!