Home Theater: Projects to Inspire and Create a Home Theater!

How about a home theater? We found three home theater designs that make the answer to this question be almost always positive. They bring elegant furniture, cozy coats and a structure worthy of a movie. Check out!

Located in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), this apartment won a movie of extreme taste and elegance with a home theater. In its 20 m ², the architect responsible for the project, Leila Coutinho, did everything to meet the desires of the owners of the apartment. “The idea was to make a cozy atmosphere, where the family could get together to talk and have fun,” recalls Leila.


Modern and clean, the decor selected by professional has materials that heat the atmosphere and let even more cosy. The carpet and acoustic coatings that reverberates the sound are the great responsible for the sound and visual comfort of the room.

Points of light

General lighting took advantage of the technology, which makes the light is diffuse and less Dim, offered by the firm Hunter Douglas. “Behind the acoustic Panel, use a led Ribbon to make a detail of indirect lighting. As well as on the first shelf of the Bookshelf “, details Leila.

1 2:00 pm

In this project, a TV and a projector for reasons well. “The TV is more comfortable for the day to day maintenance of the projector lamp has a very high value, so the idea is to use the projector only at times when they wanted a movie environment”, explains.


To win a genuine movie theater, Leila installed a projection screen (which is built), a high quality projector and home theater equipment. “In addition, we automate everything through our supplier Vigolucci system, which allows us to control everything for Ipad”. In the window, was installed a Blackout curtain Duette of Orlean in white with a portie in voil black. On the floor, the carpet was applied in gray tone. Avanti The received acoustic coating walls in beige fabric with Venetian stucco texture.

No matter your preference, it’s watch in a comfortable and quality equipment.

At home, but with way to cinema

This apartment, in Rio de Janeiro condominium Atmosfhera peninsula, won a TV room a little less technology than the first, but so welcoming as. With only 12 m ², she was integrated into the room and received a modern decor with classic touches.



This project is also the responsibility of the architect Leila Coutinho, who had the task of creating a space that reflects the passion of residents for the seventh art. “For this, we use darker shades of chocolate and lacquer Panel put adornments and figures on the wall which refer to the movies”, he comments.

In the center of the room, was installed a plafon to a central more diffuse lighting. The floor is plank Parquet Noble race, with 30 mm thick mat to help with the acoustics.