How Does a Dog Pack Work

Most dogs can carry their food, their chew toys and some toys, too, if they wear right package. Look for these features to help your dog to bear a fair share of gear.

Be prepared to spend $ 40 to $ 200 a quality dog pack. Consider the age of the dog and weight to determine how much it can carry. Young or old dogs can only carry up to 15 percent of your body weight; Mature, healthy dogs can carry as much as 20 to 25 percent of your body weight.

You know your dog’s weight before going to purchase the package. Packaging dogs generally have sizes from small to large, with data on weight.

Priority to comfort and weight as the main considerations when choosing a dog pack. Additional features are fun (and expensive), but eventually you package your dog can perform with little effort.

Look for these features to enhance the comfort of your dog. Network or covered saddle and bags for ventilation and slip resistance; pad saddle and buckles; Guard brush abrasion resistance; and tubular nylon webbing straps that will not cut into the skin of the dog. Also look for bags that can be removed from the saddle without removing the strap and buckles for quick release.

Consider waterproof package with zipper pulls that can be opened with mittens if you plan to be out in the rain or snow.

Check the bag for durability by looking for non-metallic zippers and fasteners, solid stitching around zippers, reinforced bottom panels and reinforced straps. Consult websites outdoor magazines and read their comments and tips on buying ago heading for an open shop equipment.