How to Build a Crate for Dog

A dog crate is a very useful piece of equipment every dog owner who travels or keep your dog inside the home. A dog crate is not a one-size-fits-all. It must be sized for your dog and appropriate for your needs. Building a dog crate yourself to ensure you get the size and style of the crate you want.

Determine dog crate size you need. Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down. Too much space makes training your dog more difficult and too little space is uncomfortable for the dog. Determining the size of a crate for a puppy can be difficult. You can make a crate large enough for the dog when full grown, but fit dividers inside to make the area suitable for growing puppy.

Collect material for your dog crate. Frames can be made ​​easily from the tree, but any amount of chewing damage crate. The use of metal is difficult, but last longer and is more robust. Use angle iron frame of the crate.

Get supplier or manufacturer will in your area to reduce iron after letting them know the size you need.Should four pieces of the same size, angle, four pieces of the same size for all (two on each side) and four pieces of the same size for the length of the crate.

Weld frame together or welder I do it for you. The frame should sit firmly and evenly without swaying or tipping. The corners should fit firmly and lining up with other iron.

Tak iron mesh floor welding machine or a welder do it for you. Eye of iron must be sufficiently strong to support the weight of the dog without bending or sagging. Additional supports can be welded in place at the bottom under the eye.

Add the remaining holes in the walls and ceiling of the cell. A separate small structure must be used for the door. Use a small angle iron to make a square to fit one side of the chest. Use two hinges and latch system for attaching the gate.

Place plywood in the floor of the cage prior to welding the top of the cell. Plywood can be cleaned when dirty, or you can put a dog bed on top of it.