How to Choose a Dog Coat?

Once only reserved for dog competitions and the cliché of the “dog of Grandma”, the coat for dog has now become indispensable for some breeds. Far from being only a fashion accessory, you may be a fundamental part of the bunch of the dog in winter.

You have recently acquired a dog and hesitate to buy him a coat. To help you make the right choice, we explain its usefulness and advise you about the different existing models.

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What use for the dog?

Some breeds of dogs are more resistant than others to weather caused by the harsh climate of some of our regions. However, contrary to popular opinion, acquiring a dog coat is not so much intended to protect our companions from the cold and moisture.Indeed, a coat will not help in dry weather, on the contrary.

To determine if your pet needs or not of this accessory, it is necessary to ensure its Awn layer thickness. If it is sufficiently supplied, the port of the coat will be completely useless, or would that unnecessarily increase the temperature of your dog. So breeds such as rottweilers or the Huskies won’t have only rarely need a coat for the dog. Similarly, a short-haired dog will be not necessarily cautious.

You may have guessed, the coat for dog is therefore reserved to so-called “of company” dogs, those small, older dogs and puppies because of their resistance to cold.

Sure, buy a coat for dog may also be useful for those whose state of health is bad: a sick dog or low body mass (like the Greyhound) will be even more sensitive to low temperatures.

Anyway, for long by rain time, opt for the parka coat more suitable in the winter.

We also forget that there is now coats intended to cool certain races in the event of hot weather. They can also be used for some dogs with illness that requires a constant, cool temperature.

Some brands also offer coats anti-stress based on a principle of constant pressure on the chest of the animal in order to appease him. They will therefore be a very useful accessory to correct an anxious behavior (anxiety of separation…).

How to choose the best product?

A good coat for the dog must be:

  • raincoat
  • windbreaker
  • breathable

As for men, clothing for dog must be able to let perspiration of the animal out to ensure maximum comfort.

There are today more and more models ranging from the garment just aesthetics (chic, classic models) to the use of highly technical materials (sport use).

Before you buy a coat for dog, it should be know the utility what you’ll be. If your dog is very active outdoor and done agility, a coat will be superfluous. He is better suited to dogs before many wait outside, especially during the short outings in the city.

The diversity of the material: nylon, cotton, fake fur, fleece, neoprene… the choice is not missing. Just keep in mind that the material should be slightly irritating to meet your pet’s sensitive skin.

In order to determine whether the garment is the right size of the dog, must be free to move when he wears it. In order to make the right choice, be sure to take measurements of the length of the back of your dog, his tail and neck. If in doubt, always prefer the larger size or seek advice from a specialist dealer.

If you plan to expose your companion very stringent conditions such as snow, you can opt for a model with protection of the legs and belly – an area too often forgotten by the owners and yet very sensitive to cold and moisture.

Depending on the nature and the size of your dog, you can also choose between closures to scratch system, elastics or to pressure the latter being more resistant than others.

Today, there are models specifically for small dogs or breed specific morphology such as the Bulldogs. Some brands may even offer a customization service of coats ranging from the simple floquage to the name of the animal in printing designs drawn by the most creative owners.

Whatever model you choose, it must be easily washable to prevent infestation by parasites such as fleas or ticks.

Precautions for use

The use of the coat for dog must be booked outside when it’s cold and wet to avoid an over-protection.

It is recommended not to groom the dogs during the winter.

Even if your dog is protected by a mantle, consider well wipe out back and rinse legs if necessary. By snow time, salt can thus be extremely irritating for the pads.

In some cases, you also have the possibility to dry with a hairdryer but ensuring to keep well away in order not to irritate the delicate skin of your companion.

Where to find his coat for dog?

The coat for dog is a very common accessory. So, it is easy to come by. You can thus find in pet store or on the internet as on the Amazon site.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the material used, the size and brand, a coat for dog can have a cost ranging from 15 to 90 euros for the more luxurious models.

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