How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Environment

The idea that enlightenment only affects Visual areas of the brain is already outdated. Studies have shown that, beyond the visual, the brightness is also able to affect hormonal and emotional areas of a person. The amount of light transmitted in one area, for example, positive or negative can interfere in the concentration study, work or even discourage anyone.

Different types of lighting

“We can cite two types of lighting: General (directly, with fixtures with visible light sources; indirect, with fixtures that use the ceiling or the walls as reflectors) and directed (light effect, suitable for creating special moments, such as events or parties; for tasks, ideal for reading; and featured, lighting that highlights specific points of architecture and decoration) “, enumerates Klavdija, Yamamura Chandeliers products analyst.

Led: best option?

LED lights gain enough prominence and preference for your account ecological and economic power. However, according to Junior Architect Piacesi, not always they are the best alternative. The ideal is to always opt for a natural lighting, but when this is not possible, the best choice is to combine warm lamps and halogen lamps. “White environment can tire the vision and cause stress,” he argues.


Importance of light

For Junior, the lighting is equivalent to 70% of an architectural project: “is there anything hotter than connecting a lamp? It’s a feeling of home comfort. We need to use the lamps to give us comfort, according to every hour of our day “.


The age is also relevant

Take into account the age of a person is also important before setting the best lighting system.Elderly people, for example, need an environment four times better lit than a young man.

No excess

A well-lit environment provides many benefits, however, the excess of light can also affect the performance of a person, especially in the workplace.

Colors and their meanings


Paulo Tadeu says that each lamp shade has different effects. Check out:

  • Yellow: the color gives the feeling of a hot area, quiet and cozy. Is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, entrance hall, among others.
  • White: preserve the natural aspect of space, without interference in the original colors.
  • Blue: the impression of a clean, dynamic and cold. Lamps with these shades are best suited for kitchens, hospital environments, bathrooms, among others.