How To Deal With A Dog Food Thief?

Posted by Dog citizen in March 24, 2017-

By Cybele Tolaini, student of Citizen Dog.

Many owners wonder why dogs steal food, and eat your uptight ration without leaving anything in the pot. The answer is quite simple, our food is much more attractive, our spices are perceived to far for them.

The Act of stealing the food is autorrecompensador, i.e. when the dog steals the food and eat that thing so hot, he rewarded and can continue to repeat the Act.

It is therefore extremely important that we avoid leaving food out of the reach of dogs. When you have a pet, some changes must be made in our routine, because, for them, is extremely difficult to control in some situations, so it doesn’t become a habit, we must prevent that from happening.

Another important point is that we should keep things as feed the dogs with our food, but if you want to offer a little of your food, never do it while it is still on the table, wait for the meal finish and take the satisfaction to the jar.

In case your dog already steals food, probably he does when no one is watching, this usually happens when you’re around and give a lecture (which, in the end, the dog, is another way to have your attention).

So, for the Act stop occur without the presence of the owner, we may use de-personalized shredded, that is not associated with our presence itself. Create a “trap”. You can let anything fall into the ground and make noise at the time the pet trying to steal food.

With practice, patience and insistence, it will be possible to help his friend to put aside that attitude that undermines him and his entire family.